Wednesday, April 1, 2015

diets are like tires

you know how if you spend $100 on a concert ticket you're pumped, but if you have to buy a new tire you're all "$100?!?! what a ripoff! it's no fun!"

so tonight i went to giant eagle because on sunday i bought only enough diet supplies for a few days. i wanted to know i was going to really do this before i invested. i barely had anything in my cart. some lettuce. broccoli. geek yogurt dip. laundry supplies. atkins shakes, bars and a few frozen meals. $100. i'm all "say whaaaaaat?! scan that italian-style pasta bake again, smalls!" but just a week ago it was nothing to get a large caramel mocha and egg mcmuffin in the morning ($7.50), subway for lunch, ($7), and chipotle for dinner ($9.75). that comes out to $121.25 for a week of food. but for some reason i'm all pissypants over an atkins meal costing $3.99. the meals i've eaten this week have broken down to about $12 a day. it's still expensive - $360 a month for food for one person is a lot. i could cut down on that by making more myself and not relying on the convenience foods. but i'm still saving money compared to my binge eating.

nobody has ever said dieting is cheap. i honestly don't know how a person COULD diet affordably. there are not many healthy foods that are cheap, unless you grow your own garden. but even then you have to account for sweat equity. it's unfortunate that our country can serve a box filled with two tacos, a burrito, a bag of doritos and a soda for $5.00, but a drive-thru salad and bottled water will set you back $8.00.

it's also sad that diets are an "industry." it doesn't cost more to make a protein bar than a granola bar. but people will pay more for one than the other.

anyway, i got some good, healthy food, and i am happy with what i'm eating. but damn, i wish it was cheaper.

i didn't go to the gym tonight. had a tough day at work, and the dogs were just so happy to see me. i couldn't bring myself to leave again. i took each dog on his/her own walk, so that's something.

weighed myself again this morning, down 2 pounds from yesterday. the first week of a diet is too awesome.

kind of unfocused tonight, but that's been my whole day. day 3, complete.