Tuesday, June 11, 2013


well i survived nashville. when they ate meatball subs, i ate salad. when they ate gourmet pizza, i ate grilled chicken skewers. when they ate HOMEMADE POTATO CHIPS SMOTHERED IN MELTED BLUE CHEESE, GOUDA, AND BACON i ate broiled shrimp. and what did it get me?


oh, i lost 2 pounds this week at my tops weigh-in, but those pounds were gone pre-nashville. when i left home friday i weighed a lot and when i got home monday night i weighed exactly the same a lot. how is that possible?

so here i am being greedy diet girl again, blowing off the two pounds because i wanted more. but seriously, i was so good. i thought i'd be down 2 more.

yesterday i didn't eat all day on the way home from tennessee because i knew i was going to the tops picnic. i had enough food to be full, but i didn't eat a TON. and it was all prepared in healthy fashion. grilled chicken, baked zuchinni, a marshmallow 1/4 dipped in chocolate. i drank my zija tea before bed and took a giant you know what this morning. and what did it get me?


same weight today. i am really scared that if i leave for florida on saturday with no movement on the scale it's going to affect my determination. so here's hoping for exciting news tomorrow morning. i need it.

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