Wednesday, July 31, 2013

10 in 30

yep, still here. yep, still rocking the diet. i lost 11 pounds in july.

this is pretty great, right? i feel disappointed. i know, i suck. but i lost it all in the first and last week, basically. i just started screwing around with a bite of this and a meal of that and the scale started sticking in the same place. i never had a week with a gain, but had 2 with no loss. today it finally dropped down, and i finished the month down 11.

i am 3.6lb away from my first major milestone. october 20, 2011 was the last time i was in that same milestone territory, so it feels good.

while i have lost about 8 inches from my hips, i am finding that at the same weight i was at in 2011, i am still not fitting into clothes i fit into then. i'm sure the difference is exercise. i was more toned and had more muscle then. i have been terrible about working exercise into this. last night i worked out and felt great. but for some reason couldn't motivate myself to do it again today. boo.

not much to tell, unfortunately. just plugging away. i'm still on track to hit my goal by st. patrick's day, but realize the holidays stand between now and then.

also, f*** arby's for coming out with a salted caramel milkshake.

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