Thursday, October 24, 2013

the wall.

i've hit a wall, and i can't seem to recover.

i mentioned at this beginning of this phase of the blog that i wanted to give c25k another try. well i did, and it has been pretty good. i ran a 5k the beginning of october, and i did a 2 mile run last saturday. i have another 5k this weekend and almost every weekend for the rest of the year.

the problem is that i hit a wall last week and i can't get over it.

now keep in mind that my idea of running and a runner's idea of running are different. for me, a 12:30 mile is reason to celebrate. ideally i'd be running between 10-11 minute miles. last tuesday, after a 4 day break, i went out to run with very low expectations. but for some reason it was the best run of my life. i went farther and faster than normal and i felt unbelievably fantastic the entire time. i was on a total high the whole night after.

since then, not only can i not replicate that time and distance, i'm falling a full minute behind it. at the 2 mile race on saturday i had to walk before i'd even finished the first mile. whereas on tuesday i ran 2 without stopping. now it's in my head, and i don't know how to get over it. i went out tonight with great intentions and my first mile took 12:55. i felt like i was hauling ass! how can i be getting worse with practice instead of better?

i'm worried im not fueling my body properly, but i haven't changed anything in the past week, and i was doing ok before. runners keep telling me carbs, carbs, carbs. but i'm terrified of gaining weight.

i think what i need to do is get back in the gym where i can control the speed and work on endurance. my issue may be starting out too fast and using up my energy. i am now officially terrified for my 5k this saturday. i don't want to run the night before, so tonight was it for training. gonna be brutal.

it really sucks to think about working out in the gym when i have this beautiful track right by my house. but i guess you can't have it all when you're trying to turn into a badass.

Assignment for my slims - What fitness goal is on your wish list? A 5k? A Zumba class? Spinning? What's a workout or activity you'd love to be good at? What would step 1 be toward getting yourself to that goal? 

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