Tuesday, October 22, 2013

the thanksgiving dress

no need for tissues, the thanksgiving dress is nothing like the christmas shoes.

back in november of 2011, my mom bought me a dress for my birthday. it was a tight fit, but close enough. with the help of some spanx and tights, i managed to get into it for thanksgiving dinner. which... duh... who wears something that barely fits to thanksgiving? luckily that was the dumbest thanksgiving ever, and not much food was consumed. i do remember hoping no one could see the line showing through my dress as we left the restaurant, created by the tights rolling their way down to my butt. only my huge butt shelf stopped them from falling to my knees. 

i didn't get another chance to wear that dress, because less than two weeks later, december 9th, i ate "THE COOKIE," and started putting the pounds back on. since i barely fit into it to begin with, even 5lb put it out of reach. 

until tonight. 

i was looking for something cute to wear to work tomorrow and noticed it in the back of my closet. i had tried it on about a month ago with no luck, so i didn't expect good results. 

but daayyyyyyummm. it looks pretty good. as good as something can look when you're still BMI obese with a B shaped profile, but, you know....good, considering. then i sat down with the tights and dreaded what was about to happen. much to my surprise, i pulled them up without much of a fight. and as i pranced around the room joyfully, they stayed in place. then i got crazy and added a scarf and a belt and some tall black boots. 

i am actually going to look a bit stupid going into work tomorrow in all of this getup. mind you, i could wear jeans, a hoodie and tennis shoes to work without consequence, and often do. so showing up in a dress with accessories and slutty boots is going to cause a stir. and it will make me feel awkward, and i will question my decision to leave the house in the thanksgiving dress, but now that i know that it fits, i can't wait another day to wear it. 

it looks like a few people are following the blog again, so to you i say, "find your thanksgiving dress." try on something a bit too small, and take a picture of it. try it on again in a month and see where you are. the scale is great, a measuring tape is great, but with clothes...you get the proof that you're smaller and the reward of wearing something you feel good in. double bonus! 

be strong tomorrow, warriors. you can do it. 


  1. Thank you for your blog.. I read your juice blog when you were juicing and I started juicing. I got thru 6 days and ate a salad and that was the end of it all. I started back up juicing 10 days ago and looked up all the old blogs I was reading back then. I looked and was happy to find you are still plugging away and that you never gave up for too long. I never give up for too long either. I am alot like you and I too am obsessed with my scale to let me know what to do that day. lol I have 70 lbs to go since I lost 12 juicing. I look forward to more of your posts and once I stop juicing I will also be on a low carb high protein diet. Thanks for giving yourself to us. I'm going to find a TOPS. Hopefully I will find one in my area.

    1. it is so awesome to hear from you, emily. good job getting back with your plan! even if you find that you don't want to juice, don't let that push you back in the other direction. the key is to find a plan that works for you. your "salad moment" is just like "THE COOKIE" for me, so i understand what happened 100%.

      i recently read a study that said you're less likely to gain weight if you weigh yourself every day. the danger in that is getting discouraged by an unexpected gain and letting that drive you into the comforting arms of little debbie. if you go into it knowing you're going to have natural fluctuations, i think there is nothing better than always been keenly aware of your weight. if i'd made myself look a week after THE COOKIE instead of 16 months later, i wouldn't be in this situation today.

      i really, truly encourage you to look for a tops group. i hope there is an active and supportive group in your area, because i just can't give them enough credit for helping me to succeed. i could never afford WW, but my tops group is $29 a year plus a dollar a week for the rental of the room we meet in. and i've won twice that much in prize money for my losses already.

      i am cheering for you, and please feel free to write anytime you want to vent or ask questions or celebrate a victory. let me know if you find a tops group!