Wednesday, March 12, 2014

still thinking….

i'm still not sure how to incorporate this blog into my new life as a spokesperson. i don't think i can even suffer through reading every one of my old posts. but i don't want to start linking to this blog on FB without a major review. so for the moment i'm thinking i will just keep this blog between you (my long-time and loyal readers) and me. and when i write a guest blog for the website where i won the contest, i'll post a link here.

it's been an insane week. not a lot of people knew what i've been up to for these past 11 months, and now everyone knows. i became a bit of an overnight celebrity in my hometown. a lot of people are now asking me for tips or advice, and i've been stressed out trying to help everyone. my training begins on monday. part of my prize is a training program that consists of short runs on tuesdays and thursdays, long runs on saturdays, and cross training on MWF. i get sundays off, hooray! i'll train for and run a 10k, then i'll get a 2 week break, and then i'll start a 28 week half marathon training. on november 8th i'll run a 5k at disney world at 7am, then a half marathon that night at 10pm. because i. am. crazy.

i'm nervous but excited, and i know i can do this. it's all just very overwhelming at the moment. i'm looking forward to a month or two from now when it has become the norm instead of this thing that's still out ahead of me.

my weight loss is still the same. lose some, gain some. lose it, gain it. still sitting around 162. i just cannot get myself into the 150's. it's all mental.

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