Thursday, March 6, 2014


you probably think i've been off the wagon again, but for once, my silence is for a positive reason.

i want to thank you for your eyes-tightly-closed wishes that i asked for on the last post, because they WORKED! on monday i found out i won a trip to walt disney world to run a half marathon on my birthday in november. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?

it has been a whirlwind week, one i can't wait to tell you about. but because of all that's happened, i've been too busy to write. i'm too busy now, too, but i didn't want to leave you hanging.

i just wanted you to know that things are going to change around here a bit. i'm not sure how just yet, but i need to promote my journey on my blog so my sponsors can get proper credit. but i've never written this blog to be widely public, so i either need to go through and delete some things, or start a whole new blog, OR i will secretly write posts just for you guys here, and i'll write publicly stuff on another page that i will link you to. we will see.

this sounds dumb, but this week has felt like becoming a celebrity overnight. strangers recognize me on the street. i've had to sign my life over to my coach and sponsors for the next 9 months. i even found out today that i have to be very careful about what i do or do not post on my personal facebook as i represent these companies for the rest of the year. so i know there are things i've bared to you in this blog that wouldn't fly. cases of "the fuck-it's" come to mind....

so thank you for sticking with me, for your support, and for following me wherever i may be about to land in the blogger world. all 3 of you. ;-)

you can catch up on the hubub by visiting to see my essay and everything i've won.

thanks, everyone. i love you dearly!


  1. Congratulations Amy! Very exciting!

  2. Oh yay, yay, yay!!! I am so happy for you! so does this mean they are showing you how to train for it and everything? I'd be so lost if I won a spot in a half marathon I'd be like, "but I could never run that far!" lol. In fact I'm not sure I'd be too excited about it at all unless they provide full training! Anyway, I'm so glad you have something to help keep your spirits up now. You deserve it :) and DO keep us posted I hope you can still keep this blog cause I only just "met" you on FB and now you might be leaving us :( lol