Thursday, December 8, 2011

23 minutes, 2 seconds

today's treat at work was more cookies. the box had the "nutrition" information on it. in this case it should have been called the "lack of nutrition" information. 190 calories in ONE cookie. when i ran on the treadmill later, i kept an eye on the time and the calories burned. it took me 23 minutes and 2 seconds to burn 190 calories. as you are faced with choices about food, ask yourself, "is this cookie worth 23 minutes on the treadmill?" some things are so delicious that the answer might be yes. today, that was not the case.

however, i wasn't perfect. between work and the gym i went to a christmas party at the red cross where i'm on the board of directors. they had a really nice appetizer buffet, and i caved a bit. i had 2 crackers with a smidge of 2 types of dip on, a cube of swiss and a cube of cheddar, one slice of trail bologna, one meatball, one tiny bbq wiener, and one boneless chicken wing. it sounds like a lot when i type it out. and it was probably more than the 190 calorie cookie. but it lasted longer and tasted better. i passed up all of the cookies (even the orange drop cookies, oh my gosh), egg rolls, other flavors of wings, and various other nom noms.

followed that up with 30 minutes on the treadmill, then half of a zumba class. my friend who lives 70 minutes away was in town, so we met at subway for dinner, and i left zumba early. at subway i had a salad with all of the veggies, no meat, no cheese, no croutons, no dressing. ummm...yum? not so much.

someone on the reboot fb page mentioned today that she has the "nice" problem of her clothes all being too big. i have been lamenting this issue myself the past few days. i have some really nice new clothes, but it's not a "wardrobe." i feel like i wear the same outfits all of the time. part of the problem is vanity--i have clothes that fit, but they're baggy enough that they add weight. i have 12-15 pairs of jeans and i really only like wearing one of them--the old navy pair i bought that time before they fit. and for as long as i can remember, my winter wardrobe was jeans and hoodies. i LOVE hoodies, i have 20 at least. but now that i feel better about myself, i don't want to dress that way for work. the hoodies are mostly hanging untouched this winter. i'm VERY sad that i bought a goodyear blimp hoodie over the summer in a 2x that is now just unreasonably big. i look like i weigh 250 when i wear it. sadness.

ok, i need to pay closer attention to the stupid browns game now, so....abrupt ending.


  1. This is how I help myself to get through tough times with food. Everything is a number. 330 for a beef burger. 310 for a sausage etc.. then I think that 330 is 20% of my daily total. For the same amount, I can have a full salad with dressing, cheese and a boiled egg. I would rather munch on that meal for 30 minutes than eat a burger in 2 minutes.

    I am still wearing my 2x shirts but they are huge on me. I have about 10 left ironed and just can't give up ironed shirts to goodwill.. trying to wear them all before they go but they are really looking bad on me..

  2. Where have you gone? I miss your blog posts and your facebook comments. Just so you know - your missed!

    1. hi jill! i don't know if you will be notified of this comment, but i am back. it's been a rough road between december 2011 and now, but i'm finally back on track - just not with juice. just added a new post explaining it all. i've missed you too!