Tuesday, December 6, 2011


what has two thumbs and didn't touch a single cookie on this tray at work today? THIS GIRL! before you pat me on the back, i have to admit something. this group brings us a giant cookie tray every year, and every year we marvel at how much they suck at cookie baking. i do not know how a group of people can suck the flavor out of so many types of cookies, yet make them look so good, year after year. so when a co-worker confirmed that they were just as terrible this year as every other year, it made my day easier. i guess the victory comes in the fact that in years past, i would stand by the tray taking one bite of cookie after cookie, looking for one that tasted good...at LEAST picking the hershey kisses off of the shitty peanut butter blossoms before i threw the scraps into the trash.

the real victory came when i didn't eat any of the white chocolate chip cheesecake brownies that evil betty crocker lady jessica brought in today. THOSE i know are ridiculously amazing. luckily everyone else knows too, and they disappeared quickly.

i did eat a single serving package of tuna today. i am starting to experiment with adding certain foods, combining certain foods. i read various websites that suggested combining fruit with protein for people with insulin resistance, which i exhibit all signs of. i never intended to be completely vegetarian, but i will severely limit my animal protein, focusing mostly on small amounts of fish and some lean white meats occasionally.

anyway, i mixed some kimchi (korean spicy marinated cabbage) in with the tuna, along with some spicy mustard....to die for. i had a pear with it, and i felt great after that meal. totally full and content, and a few hours later i kicked ass at the gym with that as my fuel.

i didn't run before zumba, which made me MUCH more productive in zumba. so instead of yoga, i hit the treadmill after class and went back to week 1 of couch-to-5k, only i am doing it at 6mph this time. my goal is to run a 10 minute mile on saturday, january 7th. if i follow the c25k schedule and manage to get through each week with no repeats, that is the day the program will first call for 10+ minutes of running. in fact, it will be a 20 minute run. so if i reach my goal, i'll run 2 miles that day in those 20 minutes. we will see.

anyway, i worked up a sweat, burned off some calories. and speaking of burning things off... when i weighed myself today i was down 3.2 pounds from yesterday. ONE day of eating right, exercising hard, drinking my tea and drinking lots of water---and i dropped almost all that i had reported gaining in last night's blog. whew. and today i saw a friend of my sister's i hadn't seen in a long time. the first thing she said was "wow, you look great!" she commented a couple of times. so that was nice.

i guess those are all of the boring details of my day. right now i need to focus on clearing a few shows from my DVR box so i can THROW IT THROUGH THE WINDOW OF TIME WARNER CABLE by week's end. it refuses to record any showing of the young and the restless--either on CBS or the soap network--and i simply can't live in these conditions. plus tonight it screwed me out of "new girl," and the recording log says "deleted to make room for a new recording." YOU'RE ONLY 3% FULL, DVR A-HOLE! sorry, little rant there. carry on.

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