Wednesday, December 7, 2011

on the second day of christmas my true love gave to me...

five creamsticks, seven doughnuts, a nutty thing and a twisty thing. i'm telling you people, 'tis the season for a food extravaganza in my face every single day. and as you can see, doughnuts were only the beginning of the problems. there were brownies, amish chocolate chip cookies, and christmas cookies. of course i didn't eat any of it, but i would have loved to tear up one of those pink creamsticks and a chocolate iced doughnut.

instead i had lunch with a friend and had a salad of romaine lettuce with cucumber, tomato, red onion, and carrots. i had a little feta cheese on it and greek dressing, with a side of hummus.

tonight i made gingerbread houses (sort of) and decorated gingerbread men with my family. i wouldn't have eaten the cookie parts anyway, but i would have gladly gobbled some of the candy decorations. i was careful not to even lick icing from my fingers though.

my day started with a boost of power to help me through all of this: i was down another 2 pounds. that's 5 pounds in 2 days. so now i weigh a pound less than i did on thanksgiving. i'm only 7 pounds away from my next small goal, and i think it would kick ass to LOSE weight this month. there are some tough obstacles coming up, but i'll just do the best i can. i'm really happy tonight knowing that my thanksgiving binge debt has already been paid, and i'm on my way back down.


  1. Isn't the American breakfast and snacks amazing? I spent 30 years in England and never once saw anything like that.. Over here, it is just so in your face almost every day. Especially in the run up to Christmas. Great job not having any!

  2. the lead-in to christmas is the worst! (or the best if you can eat things like that and survive)

    so far it has been pretty easy, but i know there is one tray of homemade chocolates still to be delivered, plus several christmas parties. willpower, don't fail me now!