Friday, December 27, 2013


today was a good day. i feel like my old self again. my pre-thanksgiving self. my full-of-willpower self. i've been semi-fat fasting, predominantly with HWC (heavy whipping cream) in coffee. the past two nights i have had some salad with bacon, cheese, almond slivers and dressing. sorry, but this girl needs something to chew! today someone brought two AMAZING looking pizzas to my office. one was a buffalo chicken pizza with blue cheese, celery, cheddar and buffalo sauce. the other was loaded baked potato with potatoes, chives, bacon, cheddar, sour cream and ranch. if i had a good streak going of good behavior and losses, this would have been a "three bite rule" occasion. but after christmas, i don't deserve one bite, let alone three. so it bothered me, but it didn't crush me. after work i went to the gym and it felt good. i used to need my ipad or kindle to distract me while i ran so i didn't dwell on the time left. but now i can run and listen to music and just be content in my own head. at one point there were guys on either side of me and all three of us were running, and it felt pretty cool. i didn't feel like the fat girl at the gym, i just felt like one of the people working out at the gym with everyone else. 

i'm back to 166.4. i was 165.8 after tops on monday, so i'm sooooo close to being back to my weigh-in weight. then i just need to lose a bit more by monday night to get that elf charm and finish 2013 with a loss at every single weigh-in. 

my weekend of solitude is starting to fill up a bit. tomorrow evening my girlfriends want to get together. initially we discussed going to someone's house for snacks and beers. "snacks" are my downfall. when we're all around a table laughing and grazing, it's so hard for me. i suggested going out. i can be just as happy with my girls and just drink diet soda. but on sunday i'm going to hang out with a friend i haven't seen over a year, so i really can't be like "come to my house and we won't eat." there's a great asian fusion place around the corner, so i am thinking we can go there and i can have the seared tuna which should be next to nothing, along with some pieces of sashimi. i just looked at the menu and started to get sad about all of the delicious sushi i can't have, so let's talk about that another time. 

tomorrow morning i have band practice, then i want to go to the gym. if i can work out for the next three days, i should have no problem on monday. in fact, maybe if i work out saturday and sunday, i can skip my pre-tops workout of shame!

have a great weekend! 


  1. Glad you're doing well Amy! Hope you have a great New Year!!

    1. Same to you, Jill! I know your life is incredibly hectic, but I hope you've been able to find some time for yourself over the holidays. I really want to hear good reports from you in 2014! We're all in this together.