Monday, December 2, 2013

winner winner turkey dinner

well since we've last visited with each other, a lot of things happened.

remember when i said my saving grace this thanksgiving would be not living with my parents where the leftovers are stored? yeah, well i didn't account for spending the night there saturday night. i'd asked my mom to please put the dressing and sweet potato casserole in the freezer before i arrived, but she failed to follow through and i failed to have willpower. i ate two helpings of each before bed saturday night. sunday i ran a 5k, and it went poorly. my time was typical of my recent 5k's, but i struggled the entire time. after the race i had a bite of a hot dog and three christmas cookies from the food they offered.

let me rewind: i lost 3 pounds between monday and thursday morning. you know what i ate on thanksgiving. then i was up about 1.5 pounds on friday. i didn't eat all day until dinner when i had french onion soup without the bread and a chef salad. came home and went a bit crazy with some 13g carb chips. on saturday i was still only up 1.5. didn't eat all day until i went to red lobster that evening where i had a caesar salad without croutons, NO biscuits, shrimp scampi and green beans. BOR-ING. then i went spazz on the leftovers that night. then the cookies on sunday, and that's all i had sunday. so... bad for me. but overall, really not INSANE.

but i was up another 2.5 this morning, meaning i'd lost 3 and gained 4 for the week. and tonight was tops! normally we get a dollar for losing after a holiday, but i had made a suggestion of getting special charms if we lose after thanksgiving and christmas, and i was in charge of buying them. so i KNEW how super cute they were. i really wanted one. so.... i didn't eat today, then i piled on the heavy clothes and went to the gym before tops where i ran my ass off for 40 minutes.

the verdict? '

HOORAY! i was down 1.25lb! and there was more good news. i got that 10 week award i'd stressed about so much 2 weeks ago. and i got biggest loser for november! and i won another contest. so by the end of the night, i had a huge pile of cash and prizes! i was such a happy girl.

after the meeting they talked to me about if i am going to change my goal weight. i'm only 25lb away now. i said i might want to lose another 20 and they freaked out. trust me, that would be well within my height/weight guidelines. if you could see me without clothes on, you'd see that i clearly have more than 25 pounds left to lose. i don't intend to lose 100 pounds and quit and still be overweight! no way!

the other thing i did today was sign up for a warrior dash. lord help me. it's not until august, so that could either motivate me or backfire entirely. plenty of time to train, plenty of time to fall off the wagon. i can't even believe i still don't trust myself more than this.

but speaking of races, look what happened! me and my BFF landed on the front page of today's paper running in yesterday's race!

i don't think i've ever had a candid shot in the paper before, so that was pretty cool. i had so many layers on i looked a little more puffy than i'd prefer, but omg, i can't imagine what that would have looked like 75 pounds ago! and the other great thing at the race was that my name was drawn for a door prize. i'd really been hoping to win a hoodie, hoodies are my FAVORITE! i got called when there was only one left, and it was size medium. i was disappointed. but i held it up and thought maybe it would fit soon. i got home and found out it fits NOW! i also found pajama's i liked at target friday, and they had an XL and a medium, but no L. i took the XL and the medium to the fitting room...and the medium was the winner! i also tried on a pair of their size 12 skinny jeans and i almost bought them because they fit pretty darn well. but i'd just bought 2 size 14s two days prior. but i know it won't be long at all until i really need 12's! then next top will be 10. i cannot WAIT to put a size 10 on my body and button and zip it right up!

everyone has been a little quiet lately, so i hope you're all just enjoying the holiday season and not finding too many tempting treats in your mouths. i know i haven't been the best example with some of my choices, but i've worked hard to pay off every bad food choice with exercise, and that is working out great.

it's past my bedtime, so i'll check in tomorrow. i have some size medium pj's to go slip into. :-)


  1. Good Job Amy! The Turkey charm is adorable! I didn't eat crazy at thanksgiving dinner, I don't eat very crazy at all. For me, it's all about making time for exercise. I don't. It feels like the elusive pot of gold. I work two jobs, am working on my doctorate degree, parent three kids and while my husband is amazing, he travels during the week. I know exercising would change my world, but I feel lucky on the days I get a 15 min shower. All excuses. I get it. I just need to figure out how to change it. So - seeing you out there running races and planning for a warrior dash and living the normal size shopping dream is inspiring! I envy you and I admire you and I'm happy for you and your successes!! Keep on blogging your journey!!

    1. my goodness, jill! i don't think you're making excuses, i think you truly are in need of more hours in the day. maybe you could just find ways to burn a few extra calories doing what you're already doing - if you're going grocery shopping, park farther away. i know that doesn't help a ton, though. i can only do what i do because i don't have to take care of anyone but myself. i admire you for taking on your doctorate degree while parenting 3 kids and often being the only parent in the home! i'm proud of you, and in awe of you.