Thursday, November 28, 2013

so much thanks!

happy thanksgiving! reading back over last night... what a mess! my mind was really not focused, sorry.

so after sitting overnight, the snickerdoodle bars got even better. family members who have no additional interest in sugar free or low carb ate multiples. before my dad had finished the first one he said, "bring me another one." we put whipped cream on them which was the cat's meow. 5 out of 5 stars, definitely make these.

yesterday i did some major shopping. i've always loved how jeans look tucked into boots, but there was never enough room in boots for me and my jeans. i have only ever owned bootcut, which even when i did manage to stuff them into jeans, ballooned out of the top like hammer pants. finally i'm to the point where i felt like maybe i was ready to venture into the skinny jeans section. the first thing i found out is that i'm truly a 14 now. i thought maybe maurice's just practiced generous sizing assignments. so at old navy i hauled about 15 pairs of jeans into the fitting room. because there are 3 cuts, multiple lengths, various colors and of course sizes to choose from. everything i liked i grabbed in a 14 and a 16. not being an optimist, i put the 16's on first: way too big! the 14's are great in most places but roomy in others, so i tried the 12's and got them buttoned, but they muffin topped me. i didn't love any of them though, so i went to target where i found 2 in size 14 that i loved. do you have any idea how nice it is to walk up to the jeans shelf and look for a size that's readily available? or to be at old navy and try on an XL coat and realize i only needed an L? you know how you'll see a girl stuffed into way-too-small clothes, and you know that she's the last to realize that she's gained too much weight to wear those anymore? i get that now, because i'm that way in the other direction. i still reach for the XL or the 16 or the 18. i still don't think to put a belt on to hold my pants up. my uncle is in charge of the 5k i'm running sunday and today he told me i should try on a couple of shirts. i laughed when he handed me a large and a medium. i held up the medium and said, "this is way too small." but damned if it didn't fit. it NEVER would have occurred to me that i might be a medium!

you know who doesn't think i'm a medium? nike. they don't even really agree with large. another thing i shopped for yesterday was warmer running attire. i found a nike hoodie i loved, but it only went up to L. no problem right? it's tiiight. i don't think it looks bad, but it's a tight squeeze. the race was ok. it was
17 degrees and very hard to breathe. some parts of me that i'd stuffed with hand warmers got way too hot, and other parts were so cold that that it hurt. it was hard to get a deep breath, and there were so many walkers that it was constant dodge 'em. i am very glad i did it, but i was disappointed with my time, and my expectations had been built up way too high regarding how awesome this particular race was. but starting the day at a 400 calorie deficit was great.

i didn't struggle too much with food, thankfully. i had two-bite helpings of the things i like and normal portions of the things i love. i did go back for seconds on stuffing and sweet potatoes. and i had one tiny bite of peanut butter pie. but i didn't even care about the other stuff like more pie, cookies, rolls, potatoes, noodles, beer, wine, dessert cheeseballs, and so on. i thought i'd either
cave and go batshit crazy on food, or that i'd use willpower but be sad and bitter about it. thankfully i was neither. i really can't remember a thanksgiving in the past where you could still see plate on my plate after i'd been through the food line.

later i stopped by my best friend's house as they were ending their festivities. i hadn't seen her grandpa in awhile, so i gave him a hug and asked how he was doing. i felt like he responded a little less warmly than usual. a few minutes later my friend's mom said that her dad hadn't recognized me when i came in, and he thought some girl he didn't know was hugging him! i had my hair pulled back and glasses on which i'm sure added to the mystery, but still. that was pretty cool.

so that brings you up to date on my life. scared to get on the scale tomorrow. as you can see, i didn't eat much compared to what most people ate today, but i ate a TON more carbs than i would ever normally eat. honestly, in hindsight, the pie probably wouldn't have been any worse for me than the snickerdoodle bars after the other carbs, but at least i was mentally still working at it i guess. maybe i won't weigh myself until after i do some damage control tomorrow.

i'm sorry this is so long. i don't know if i would read all of this crap if it was from someone i didn't know. so if you got this far, a very special thank you for giving enough craps to read about what i'm wearing, eating and thinking about. i truly hope your day was storybook perfect like mine was. now go make yourself some 1.6 carb snickerdoodle cake bars and enjoy.

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