Monday, February 17, 2014


today was a total win! well, in diet news. i didn't sleep, late for work, stuck in traffic, blah blah. BUT. i was down to 163 this morning! that was 3lb from yesterday morning! so i went to the gym before tops where i had a pretty successful run with very little pain in my foot and ankle... and i lost .15 at tops. ok, .15 is next to nothing, but THEY don't know i'd shot up to 168 or higher during the week! so from my last weigh-in, almost nothing. from my m&m and ice cream and cookie binge on thursday.... i dropped around 6 pounds. whew! saved!

i'm even more thrilled about my foot. i kept it wrapped today, took an aleve this morning and it felt good. i wore different shoes today, maybe that helped. but right now it's not wrapped or iced or elevated or anything and it feels fine. of course i'm sitting down, but last night at this time it was still thumping.

i don't have much else to report, but wanted to share this blog with you from the TOPS "head honcho," barb cady. i found this to be very relevant to myself, and thought it could help you as well.

i particularly love this quote from the blog: “If you start today to do the right thing, you are already a success even if it doesn’t show yet.”  

isn't that the thing that gets so many of us down? feeling like we have to accomplish SO MUCH before we're "successful?" when in reality, we're successful for simply starting down the path! it may not be physically apparent for awhile, but in your mind, you feel like a new person when you know you've really gotten ahold of your willpower, organizational skills, workouts, debt, whatever obstacle you've been intimidated to tackle. so tomorrow, be a success by making one really good choice when you're at a crossroads. don't buy that thing you know you shouldn't spend money on. or get out of bed to work out before work (talking to myself here), or say no thank you to the bagels at work. if you get the chance, comment and let me know what decision you make that makes you a success tomorrow. good luck! 

edit - i don't know how i ended up with the above text highlighted, but i don't have the patience to figure out how to fix it right now. sorry!

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  1. I really loved the tops blog, I agree that is a really powerful quote!