Wednesday, February 5, 2014

snow day success

well snowpocalypse happened, and i wasn't able to go to work today. awesome, right? YEAH! but i was so worried about being home all day and not snacking the hours away. i just really set my mind to it, and i got through it! i spent a lot of time outside shoving the snowblower around, and came in a sweaty mess, so i'm calling that exercise. i ate exciting things like broccoli instead of jamming salty pork rinds slathered in hot sauce and sour cream in my face. and now i'm definitely wanting to snack, as i always do at night, but i'm fighting it. i had a low-carb cheesecake. now i just need to stay out of the peanuts!

i am down to 161.6 today. getting so close to the 150's! i'm dying for it! i'm not going to hit my st. patrick's day 100lb goal after screwing around in december and january like i did, but i do have a chance of hitting it by my one-year dietaversary on april 22nd. i need to lose 1.7lb per week to make it. back in the heyday of this diet, that would have been a breeze. now, 1.7 is a huge loss.

still having problems with my ankle. it doesn't hurt enough to not walk on it, but it hurts still, every day. especially when i get up in the morning or if i've been sitting for awhile. i haven't run in almost a month now, and 5k season is less than a month away. it's time to figure this out. march 2nd is the first race! i was supposed to be doing 10 minute miles by then!

emotional eating journal: no emotions today. i had a very happy day and that made it easy to not think about food.


  1. How are you doing, Amy? Staying warm out there? Hope your having a great day :)
    xoxo Nicole

    1. hi nicole! i'm freezing! no matter what i do, i just cannot get my feet warm! but at least the sun has been shining. can't wait til spring! hope you're doing great!