Tuesday, February 4, 2014

you know that's right.

no reason for the title other than i suddenly love that phrase.

so it's all cold and doom is looming about as we brace for yet another snowmageddon. you know how i feel on nights like this... sitting at home, watching tv under the blankies... i want to EAT MUH FACE OFF! not in a bath salts zombie kind of way, but in a "put everything from the kitchen on a plate and bring. it. herrre." kind of way.

i started thinking about this 100% dark chocolate bar i bought a couple of months ago. i knew it would be terrible when i got it, but i tasted it just in case. yeah, straight dogshit. i threw it in the freezer figuring i'd find something to do with it later. tonight was the night!

with no particular plan in mind, i put a chunk in a bowl with about a teaspoon of butter and tablespoon of heavy cream and put it in the microwave. when it got pretty melty i added some splenda and some almond butter and threw it back in. when it came back out it was grainy and still tasted like a turd. i added some vanilla and more splenda. poop city. added some sweet and low drops and some s'mores sugar free syrup. weird consistency. added more heavy cream... ok now it looks like milk chocolate. taste.. close to edible. dumped in some swerve SF powdered sugar and some more almond butter and a little xylitol. suddenly it was pretty good! now what to do with it? i had about half a cup worth of chocolate sauce. i had these lids laying in a drawer, so i spooned the mixture into the centers of 3 lids, sprinkled slivered almonds on top and a smidge of almond butter, and tossed them into the freezer. went back for one 20 minutes later and HOLY MOLY! EUREKA! it's amazing. of course i have no clue how many calories or carbs or fat ended up in these since i was just mixing and pouring and a pinch of this and that. but all in all, they have to be pretty low in carbs. and thankfully there are only 3 total because i will for sure be eating all 3 tonight. and i don't see me making them again soon, because what a pain. but if you want to give it a shot yourself, the chocolate is called dogoba organic 100% baking chocolate. 2 net carbs per serving. http://www.dagobachocolate.com/products/bars/#unsweetened-baking

the best part is i added the xylitol last right before freezing, so the "sugar" crystals didn't melt and they are crunchy in the chocolate. amaze.

emotional eating journal - i did well all day until after work. then it wasn't emotional eating but just bored eating. i did ok though. i had a few slices of deli chicken breast with mustard, a few almonds and peanuts. a few pork rinds. then this mess up above happened. probably going to land around 1200 calories for the day. had salmon for lunch, atkins bar for breakfast. not a bad day. i just need it to be spring so i can be out doing things in the evenings and not sitting around craving snacks.

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