Wednesday, January 15, 2014

binge. purge. binge.

WHAT is my problem today? i'm a bottomless pit, that's what. i had coffee and atkins bar for breakfast, check. i had egg beaters with sour cream, cheese and hot sauce, and 3pc bacon for lucy, check. but then i got home from work certain that i was about to pass out from starvation. i'd had tons of water today, so that wasn't it. i started picking and just kept going back to the kitchen for more, more, more. at the end of the day i'd taken in 1600 calories. not bad, but i'd like to keep that lower as i get back into my diet after my big gain. and my net carbs were only 16, so it's not like i was a huge pig, but i know my body and i know i won't lose anything. i didn't work out because my calf was hurting so much all day. i came home and iced it for awhile. i HAVE to work out tomorrow. maybe twice, even. i was so determined to lose 6lb before tops monday, and i don't think i've lost anything. it's frustrating when you've done so well, then lose control to such a degree, because your body does NOT pick up where it left off. so do yourself a favor, and don't cheat. just keep sucking it up, because the price you will pay isn't worth it. if only i could remember this when my tummy starts telling me that we're about to starve to death.

oh, the title of this blog! one of my treats was whitman's sugar free chocolate. which i love. but does not love me. so i've been in the bathroom, ohhhhhh, about 8 times tonight. but i keep going back for more snacks (not more chocolate, mind you) so it has been a binge/purge kind of night.

whitman's chocolate.... slash laxative. slash, delicious.

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