Sunday, January 26, 2014

slow fast.

happy sunday, readers! i was just looking at the past few blogs, and i owe you an apology for my failure to proofread. yowza.

well, tomorrow is tops. i am down about 2lb from last week, but still need to get 2lb more to have any shot at keeping my 80lb charm. with the foot situation, i'm not sure it will be possible. i had planned to go to hot yoga today, but with the horrible road conditions from the weekend snowstorm, i opted out. and it's a good thing, because i read on facebook that so many showed up they had to turn a lot away. but there goes my 60 minutes of sweating.

my foot was doing so much better as of thursday. i was to the point where i was really thinking i'd have to go to the doctor, but i woke up thursday and i could walk! it felt great thursday and most of friday. but then i was trying to do too much and it got sore again. yesterday i caught up on laundry and cleaning, and by last night i was wrapped up again with ice and elevation. boo and hiss.

so my only remaining option... fasting. you guys, today is going SOOOOO SLOWLY. why would they ever call it a fast when time stands still while you're doing it? on a workday i can go all day without eating, not even on purpose, and i'm unfazed. but on a cold, snowy weekend at home? i want to be eating every single second. like, i'm talking about finding waterproof food so i can continue eating while i'm in the shower, then hooking up an IV drip for when i'm sleeping. am i hungry? no. but i'm not full, either. and i want that feeling of a full, warm belly of comfort foods like hearty soups and hot chocolate and some cupcakes. yes, cupcakes. argh.

but the fast must go on. i have had some coffee with HWC, and i had 2 slices of deli roasted chicken breast. trying to just keep drinking water. tomorrow night i'm having cupcakes. i've been looking at this recipe all week long, dying to try it:

so after tops tomorrow, keto friendly cupcakes are SO happening. and i'm going to eat about 4 of them, because by then i'll have earned 800 calories worth of cupcakes! they look small. :-)

so, emotional eating journal: i haven't felt emotional, just bored. maybe a little deprived. but i think i've overcome it for the most part. on friday night i did have a bowl of sugar free ice cream that i didn't need, but i still kept under 2000 calories for the day. more than i like to have, but still reasonable. i had 2 of those pork chops with the bacon and cheese, some salad, cheese, other stuff. but still nothing emotionally motivated.

my happiness today is that i'm wearing this awesome vintage t-shirt i found from the 80's that says "just say no" on it. it's a medium, and it fits like a glove, in a good way. i've always loved retro t-shirts, but they were always baggy monstrosities, and this looks cute, i think.

i've been asked to consider a half marathon in april. not to run it all, but run-walk intervals. the course is open longer than most, for 4 hours. so that would be plenty of time to go at a slow interval pace. it would be the matter of building up the endurance to do that for between 3 and 4 hours. i can't even imagine. but i REALLY want to do this. let's see how the old foot feels tomorrow.

i'm rambling now, but almost forgot to mention this. i had a little reunion with some elementary school friends on thursday. my 3rd grade teacher told me that i had inspired her, and she'd started weight watchers that day. i jut can't say how humbling it is to hear that other people are looking at me as an example and inspiration. it really keeps me going. it's a crazy feeling to be an example of how people want to be instead of an example of how they fear ending up. who do you want to be an example for?

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