Wednesday, January 22, 2014

krrrazy in the kitchen!

you need to keep in mind that i'm traditionally hopeless in the kitchen, ESPECIALLY when it comes to cooking meat. i am terrified of poisoning myself and my friends with undercooked meat. i've always said if i can't make it in the microwave, it's not happened. well keto has caused me to step outside of my comfort zone, and i am getting far better at cooking. tonight i had dinner at bob evans with some friends after work, but i had a package of bacon in the fridge with a "best by" date of 1/28 on it, along with pork chops and salmon i'd put in to thaw on monday. i knew i needed to use 'em or lose 'em. so i quickly got to work, and an hour later i had prepared salmon patties, a pound of bacon, and bacon cheddar pork chops. plus washed all of the dishes! i tasted the pork chops, so if i am not puking at this time tomorrow, we'll know they are safe. tasted the bacon... twice. and the salmon looks pretty good to me. i eat raw salmon at the japanese restaurant, so that doesn't worry me too much. i'm sure it's baked though.

so now i have lunches and dinners ready to go for the next several days. i'm going out again tomorrow after work, but now when i'm home and in "binge mode" this weekend, i'll have all of this delicious stuff just ready to heat up. pretty excited.

i got a little closer to my gallon goal with water today, but fell short again. if you add in my 24oz diet coke and coffee i'm closer, but probably shouldn't count those. i got a 33oz water bottle and need to drink almost 4 of them to make it.

i think i'm going to try hot yoga on sunday. i'm dog sitting that day so i hate to leave him because i loooooooves him, but i don't want to wait another week. sunday is "community" day where the $13 class is only $6 and the money goes to charity. the day before tops seems like the right time to sweat for an hour in a 90 degree room.

emotional eating journal: another day with no emotional eating that i can think of. i used IF through the day. i got a bit hungry about an hour before dinner so i had 1/4 of a protein bar. i researched the bob evans nutrition ahead of time and ordered exactly what i'd planned. i even had a few bites of vanilla ice cream without guilt. 11 carbs in a serving, and i had 1/4 of a serving. it was a nice treat. i tasted my food as it came out of the oven, but again, nothing to do with emotions. i was even kind of sad this morning and hunger didn't cross my mind. i remember a day not that long ago when i got really disappointed and my first thought was numbing it with an arby's roast beef sandwich or a subway footlong - bread and all.

i forgot to weigh myself today, so kind of looking forward to tomorrow morning to see if i've dropped any since monday. OH! my foot feels so much better today! i think i can try working out on friday. pretty excited! it will have been a whole week!


  1. Hi Amy! You've been doing much, much better than I have for the last couple weeks, if that makes you feel any better! Lol. I've been doing horribly and it's time to give myself a kick in the bum and get back on track lol. Hope your foot gets back to normal in no time. xoxo Nicole

    1. Hi Nicole! There's no better day than today to get started, right? It just stinks that gaining is so much easier than losing! We don't have to work hard at all to put on 5lb but taking it off is a nightmare! I wish I could help you, but i CAN keep cheering for you! Never give up! Always great to hear from you!