Friday, January 17, 2014

proudy mcprouderton

i'm a bit too tired and lazy to say much tonight, but wanted you to know i'm still doing well. had another really good day. i didn't work out because my ankle is really giving me trouble, but more because i stayed in my hometown after work to go to my nephews' basketball game and dinner, and by the time i got back to home base, the gym was closed. i'll be there in the morning running #megsmiles. google that for info. sad story.

there is great news - the friend i mentioned the other day who had asked for some advice - she's already down four pounds doing keto and couch to 5k. i'm so proud! we just had lunch on TUESDAY! three days, four pounds, lots of happiness.

as for me, i'm only down a pound. i know it will start really moving again, but i have worked pretty hard this week so i am a little disappointed that i won't be going to tops with a 6lb loss. maybe next week! i need to get my whole gain off by the 24th weigh-in or i'll lose my 80lb charm. yikes!

that said, i really, REALLY, REALLY want to go get a big spoonful of almond butter right now!

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