Tuesday, January 21, 2014

working toward goals.

i was shooting for a gallon of water today. i fell short, but i really tried, and i am happy with that. there were at least 2 bottles i drank purely because i was trying to reach the gallon. so tomorrow i'll try to get even closer.

i saved up all day so i could eat dinner. didn't make the best choice, but could have been worse i guess. i had two dirty martinis with 3 blue cheese stuffed olives in each. that's a lot of calories but not carbs. i should really do 2 alcohol-free weeks, however. then the server proposed reuben soup. what is this? well, it's heaven in a bowl. probably the best soup i've ever had. it's a creamy soup with flavors of garlic and onions, filed with tender brisket and sauerkraut, then topped with rye croutons and melted swiss, like french onion soup. i ordered mine without the croutons, but after i got home looked up soup recipes and found out they all have flour in them. so it wasn't innocent, but not HORRIBLE. i also had a grilled chicken salad with blue cheese, tomatoes and slivered almonds with ranch, but i ate less than half and i ordered the lunch size to begin with.

i didn't really eat emotionally today. i should not have ordered the soup, maybe the martinis made me do that. but truly it was an instance of something being so good, it was worth it. and i think with a coconut flour substitution and some xanthan gum, i may be able to make a low carb version at home.

i really want some of my leftover salad now but should go to bed happy to have been pretty successful and non-emotional today.

my foot is still busted, no improvement. thinking of trying hot yoga on sunday.

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