Monday, January 20, 2014

emotional eating journal.

hello blogees! it's been a week of emotional ups and downs on my diet, but for the most part i behaved. i had some moments of binging, but on keto-approved items like pork rinds (i know) and atkins bars. but i still need to get complete control of my emotions and particularly my boredom. i'm never hungry when i'm busy. but if i'm at home on the couch, i want to be snacking on this or that. i had a bowl of breyer's sugar free ice cream last night (about 3 servings' worth i bet) with peanuts and whipped cream, SF torani drizzled over the whole mess. THEN i had 2 SF reeses minis and a whitman's caramel. unnecessary.

but somehow, miraculously, i was down 2.5lb at tops tonight. far from my lofty 6lb goal, but for the entire week the scale wasn't budging, so i am pretty happy that today was the day.

the bad news is i've injured my foot or ankle, it's kind of a tossup about which is hurt. but it's hard to work, it hurts a lot, and i'm in an air cast. i don't know what this will mean for my running training, but i know i'm on rest for a few days and then elliptical instead of treadmill. i'm pretty sad about it, and scared.

we're supposed to keep an emotional eating journal every day this month for tops, and i am making this blog my journal. today i was in a good mood and untempted. i never eat before tops, so that wasn't hard. then after tops i rewarded myself with chipotle. it wasn't a bad decision regarding calories or carbs, but i had sort of told myself earlier in the day that i'd just concentrate on protein and fat this week and try not to eat many other carbs. but i had sour cream, cheese, guac...

tomorrow i am meeting a friend after work for martinis. we know those have the potential to get me into trouble with food. i am going to try to stick to just one. haha, right?

i just had a spoonful of almond butter for my "snack" and i feel pretty good, pretty in control. it feels good. now what am i going to do about exercise.... sigh.

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