Friday, November 22, 2013


ok, today is NOT going well. not only do i not feel well, but people cannot stop bringing food into my office! here we have cinnamon rolls the size of my head, chocolate chip peanut butter cookies and homemade caramels. and below that, pumpkin coffee cake bake, warm from the oven, and there is vanilla ice cream to go with it in the freezer. seriously? all in one day? and i am
having cravings like you wouldn't believe. but at least now i have gotten to the bottom of why my cravings got set off as soon as i got sick. are you ready for this? if you're low-carbbing, this is news you can use.

nyquil has 96 calories and 19 carbs and 13g of sugar per 2TBS dose.

i'll wait while you let that sink in.

there are less carbs and sugar in a reese's peanut butter cup than 2T of nyquil syrup. it is loaded with high fructose corn syrup AND it still tastes like crap! i know they make sugar free cough syrup, but i never imagined there was enough sugar to pack THAT kind of carb punch. i've guzzled it straight from the bottle the past two nights having no idea. i bet i was downing 2 doses each time, which means 40 carbs. i basically ingested the equivalent of a 12oz can of mountain dew two nights in a row. i don't even know if i'm still in ketosis after that. all i can think about today and yesterday is carbs and sugar.

vicks has a "nature fusion" line of cold remedies that touts honey instead of dyes and alcohol. but scroll down on their website, and you'll find that it still contains high fructose corn syrup. sorry diabetics, if you happen to get sick you'll need to find another option.

i am going to email the procter and gamble company and let them know how disappointed i am about this. nyquil is by far, in my opinion, the most effective thing to take when you feel like crap and need to sleep. but i guess if you'd take a shot of vodka, two tylenol and a benedryl you'd get just about the same effect. sheesh. or just treat yourself to a peanut butter cup and 8oz of mt. dew and tough out the symptoms whilst basking in your sugar coma.

so anyway, i'm writing this from work as a way to distract myself from the treats on the counter just outside of my office door. i'm going to leave a bit early today, so if i can just get through another 90 minutes, i'll be safe. wish me luck. and remember to tell P&G what they can do with their diet-busting cold medicine!

Edit: Here's what I sent P&G

On April 22nd, I began a quest to lose 100 pounds. I'm 71 pounds into it. Tuesday evening I came down with a cold. Aches, cough, sore throat, you know the drill. So I went to the store immediately for NyQuil, the one thing I can always count on to get me a good night of sleep when I feel that way. First of all, $10 for a small bottle now? That's exorbitant, but we'll pay anything when we're sick, so if you want to capitalize on that, that's America. I took a dose before bed, and another in the middle of the night. All day yesterday I found myself fighting cravings I haven't had in months. I wanted sugar and carbs, and I wanted them bad. I thought it must be from being sick. I took more last night, and have felt the same way about food today. Then I found out what had happened:


You have GOT to be kidding me, P&G. Your NyQuil has more sugar and carbs than a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup or a can of Mt. Dew soda! And it STILL tastes bad.

Liquid Gels do not work as well, nor did the store have them when I went back to check. There has GOT to be a way to make a healthier formula. Even your Nature line has the high fructose corn syrup in it.

I CANNOT BELIEVE I JUST BLEW MY DIET ON COLD MEDICINE! Two doses of NyQuil is equivalent in calories to what I eat in a whole meal! I realize you may not HAVE to put that info on the label, but it sure as heck seems like you should. Do diabetics know what NyQuil could do to their blood sugar?

I have survived many illnesses on NyQuil in my 36 years, but I will never purchase it again. I'll get through on Tylenol and Benedryl for my symptoms.

You should be ashamed, putting that much sugar and HFCS into a cold remedy. I have worked SO HARD to count all of my calories and carbs, and now I've ingested 400 calories of NyQuil in the past 48 hours. Do you know how far I have to run to burn that off? Over 3 miles. Fun. I'll look forward to that when I'm feeling better. What a treat.

Terrible. Disgusted.

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