Thursday, November 21, 2013

shameless begging.

hi friends! i'm still sick, but i'm going to try to give you a couple of paragraphs tonight before the nyquil takes over.

today i learned that not feeling well makes me hungry. i'm not sure if it was just a normal craving for comfort foods when i was weak, or if my body was actually looking for something in particular, but i spent the whole day thinking about a big, toasty subway sub and a bowl of soup. that's when i wasn't thinking about mcdonald's cheeseburgers and arby's roast beef sammiches with extra horsey sauce. apparently when i'm sick my tum becomes fast food nation. i didn't give in, though.

i also didn't work out, which i'm bummed about. i just don't think i could have managed it.

but speaking of working out, i'm resorting to shameless begging here. i'm doing a 5k december 21st for the regional food bank in my area. if i raise $250, i can be a VIP elf. and i REALLY want to be a VIP elf. so if you would like to make a donation for my "selfless elf" VIP elf quest, you can send it via paypal to the address i swear i'm not pocketing the cash and blowing it on strippers and crack. i wish they had their own donation page to make it look more legit, but no dice. if you enjoy this blog, if i've inspired you, if you want to help feed hungry ohioans this winter or if you just feel like throwing around some cash to impress me, would you consider a small donation? thank you!

and speaking of running... today i printed out a 20 week training schedule for a half marathon. i haven't fully made up my mind yet, but i'm considering it. part of me thinks i should stick to perfecting my 5k skills before i take on something like a half. but if i could fully dedicate myself to it, it would help keep me motivated this winter when there are no 5k's. there is a half marathon in my hometown in april, exactly 21 weeks from now. week one starts out with 3 mile runs, which i already know i can manage. so i guess i can do a week of training and see how i'm feeling about it.

feeling pretty loopy from the nyquil now, so i'm going to wrap things up. thanks to anyone who feels moved to donate to my elf fund. i would really love to turn my diet and running into something positive for people who really need some extra help. thanks for your support!

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