Sunday, November 24, 2013

missed you.

hi! i've been thinking about you guys. i work for a band, and we had a show last night. too late for blogging when i got home.

but i was thinking about you, because i knew that today i'd have to report that i got a little bit crazy with
carbs last night. yesterday was probably the worst day of my cold so far. i felt absolutely awful by the time we'd loaded all of our gear into the trailer, then from the trailer into the club. there were bowls of utz pub mix all over the bar. this stuff is my kryptonite. we take a gigantic container on vacation every year, and i bet i eat half of the container myself. crispy garlic ryes, pretzels, cheddar sticks, some sweet little sesame nuggets.... i swear i could lay in a pool of it and eat until i explode. so last night, already beaten down by my cold, starving, i started with one garlic rye, and before i knew it, i'd eaten a whole handful of the mix. after sound check, the bar told us to go across the street for our comp dinner. we get outside and i see the name of the place: "vito corleone's." now THIS can't be good. italian. oh boy.

the first thing that happens is bread and dipping oil in front of me. already on a carb high, i had half a piece of bread. i ordered lobster bisque soup. now typically this is a fairly low carb soup because it's made from heavy cream. but normally i wouldn't order something that could easily be laden with hidden carbs. i also had a casear salad with shrimp, capers and anchovies. i did not eat the croutons.

back at the club, another handful of pub mix went into my mouth throughout the evening.

so looking back, was it the WORST thing i could have done? no. we were offered all of the free alcohol we wanted, but i drank water. i could have had the pistachio gelato i wanted at vito's, i could have had more bread, i could have ordered the chicken parm with pasta or meatball sub that sounded better, but didn't. this morning i was up just over half a pound, but i can live with that. probably the worst damage done is that now all i can think about is pouring a 10 gallon tub of pub mix on my bed and rolling around in it naked.

but here's some good news. my friend vanessa reported a 14 pound loss today! she started less than a month ago. i hope she doesn't mind me keeping you updated on her progress, but i want you to know that i'm not some sort of "results not typical" anomaly like you see on tv diet commercials. she started low-carb (or keto), followed the plan, and dropped 14 pounds. it works!

more good news: i found diabetic tussin cold and flu nighttime remedy at the drug store. it does not
pack the same punch as far as drowsiness that nyquil does, but i assume if you added a shot of your favorite liquor after you take it, you'd get that result. not that i recommend mixing alcohol with acetemetaphin on the regular, that's liver disease waiting to happen. it tastes better than nyquil and has the same active ingredients. but no dyes and no high fructose corn syrup! it IS more expensive, of course. but we're all used to being punished financially for trying to make healthier choices.

and there's one more thing i'd like to share. i found this website on reddit, and i cannot get enough of it. i spent hours today checking out the keto calculator, recipes and food lists. these guys have complied what i would say is the bible of the keto way of life. i cannot wait to try so many of these recipes. and if you're new to keto, you'll find so much valuable information here. so head on over to to learn more about getting started.

this week has been spent trying to get back to and maintain the weight i was last friday before the weekend of pizza and chocolate shame. i should be safely into the 160's at this point, but i'm still sitting at 171 after last night's foray into pub mix heaven. i'm trying to fast today, and hopefully tomorrow i can see 169.8 on the scale. that's my next major goal, seeing a "6." i haven't seen a 6 since jr. high at least. if i hadn't screwed around last weekend and last night, i'd likely be at 167 by now. lesson learned.

and now i'm trying to decide if i want to lay around all evening, or put up my christmas tree. the task feels overwhelming, but i'll be so happy when it's done. if you see a picture of a tree in this space tomorrow night, you'll know what happened.

i hope everyone had a happy and healthy weekend!


  1. Hi Amy it's Nicole from the reboot group, just popping in to say hi! Hope you feel better soon!!

    1. thank you nicole! feeling much better, but can't sleep since i slept all day! but the tree went up, so at least i was productive! happy detoxing to you!