Wednesday, November 27, 2013

gobble gobble

well, i'm going to try not to gobble too much tomorrow, but it might be hard. i've worked myself down to a 3 pound loss since tops on monday, so if i indulge a bit, i have a few pounds to work with and several days to get myself back on track.

sorry i've been MIA. i've been dog sitting, and he has been getting all of my attention at night.

i did some baking tonight. i wanted to take something low-carb to thanksgiving tomorrow, not only formyself, but for my dad who is diabetic. he's always bitching about how there's never any sugar free dessert. i found this recipe (second one down, and decided to give snickerdoodle cake bars a shot. holy cow, it's pretty good. i mean is it ooey or gooey or something you'd really crave if you weren't watching carbs? probably not. but if you haven't had anything cakey lately, this will definitely do the trick.

i also attempted peanut butter cookies which were a bust.

the dog is being a spazz and i have to get up in 6 hours, so i can't really concentrate on finishing this post. i'll try to do better tomorrow. i hope you have a happy and blessed thanksgiving. i am really thankful for the success i've had this year with my weight loss and health, and i am just as thankful for the handful of people who say i have inspired them on their own journeys. let's power through thanksgiving together.

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