Thursday, November 14, 2013

fashion show

well, today was a better day. i'm still bummed about my car, but i'll deal with that down the road, pun intended. my ankles are feeling better. not 100%, but i think i will be able to run on sunday. i hate that i have taken the whole week off, but i think the rest was better for me than trying to run. i won't do as well in the hot chocolate 5k as i'd hoped, but i will finish before the course minimum requirement, i'm sure. well, i hope! very much looking forward to this weekend away with some of my best friends, all crammed into one hotel room in columbus! i have never been in a race with over 1,000 runners before, and i think this one will have closer to 10,000. i'm kind of dying of excitement and nerves.

then on top of that, two very expensive tickets landed in my lap for free tonight for a really fancy party in my hometown tomorrow night. the hospital auxiliary does a christmas tree festival fundraiser where groups decorate trees that are sold to the public who pays to tour the display. tomorrow is the preview party where the "who's who" of the town converge for all of the wine, appetizers, desserts, beer and cheese they can shove in while hobnobbing and spending massive amounts of cash on trees and auction items. i texted my friend who's on the board of directors and asked, "how fancy is this?" she said, "pretty fancy." so when i got home at 9:00 tonight, it was time to play iMessage fashion show. she sent me a pic of her dress, then i sent her pics of the three i was choosing from.

she declared the first one "cute, but not blingy enough." the second was "vavavoom," and the third was, "that's so classy but the red one is HOT!" 

i had such a hard time deciding. i like the red for a christmas themed party, and i have only ever worn it once, and it was soooo tight that time. when i'd sit down the bling at the center would poke into my fat. i really like the black one, but feel like it makes my boobs look way too big. my shoes for black are more comfortable, but my shoes for red are so "wow." so as of right now the plan is red, but i am taking black to work tomorrow just in case i change my mind. 

so the verdict is... 

i hope i've chosen wisely! and speaking of choices, you read the part about the appetizers and beers and desserts, right? this weekend might just go off the rails a bit. and i would be totally ok with that, BUT... if you have 10 weigh-in's in a row at tops with a weight loss, you get a special award. and i'm just TWO weigh-ins away from getting it! i've blown it the last 2 times by missing a meeting for vacation and for an indians game. so that's the one thing holding me back from saying "i deserve to really enjoy this weekend." after all, this hot chocolate race is what kicked off all of the weight loss and running training in the first place. it would be nice if the 5k would negate the damage, but a 5k isn't really enough. just under 500 calories burned. anyway, i'm rambling. 

you probably won't hear from me again until sunday night when i check in with a report about the party and my weekend in columbus. I'M SO EXCITED FOR THIS RACE!! 

i hope you all have a wonderful weekend filled with good choices, great friends and lots of fun. 


  1. Amy, GREAT choice in dresses... your friend is right... You do look HOT in it! :) Have fun at the "fancy party" tonight, and GOOD LUCK with the race on Sunday... I hope your ankles and legs feel better for it!

    And.... it was a good try on the undies pic! LOL I was only interested in seeing it because you said you were going to post it! LMAO That's the ONLY reason! ;)


    1. thanks, mike! and i didn't say i was going to post it, i said i'm not brave enough! it was bad enough that i posted them laying on the bed! :-)

  2. You look absolutely AMAZING!!!! Love the red dress and the shoes!

    You are my inspiration right now! :)

    1. thanks, k! you've always been MY inspiration! i can't wait til the christmas story run!