Monday, November 14, 2011

eat me.

i woke up this morning after a full two hours of sleep. my binge made me feel so gross i was awake almost all night, so i had plenty of time to pep talk myself. i didn't get on the scale. i know it's up, and i'm not prepared to see how much. i need time to bring it down before i face the facts.

before i left for work i took the half pizza +1 slice that was left over, wrote "EAT ME" on the box, and took it to work with me. by noon the vultures had demolished the remaining evidence of my sins. i'm glad it's out of my life now.

i stuck to juice all day, which was fine with my unhappy tummy after the abuse i heaped upon it yesterday. after work i went to a zumba class i hadn't been to before. it was fine, except the jumping and whatnot didn't help my sensitive stomach, and i had to make a run for the bathroom mid-salsa. oh well, another half pound of damage gone. heh.

after class i picked up some essentials at the grocery store. my meal for the day looked far different from last night's meal. this is mango peach salsa, kashi whole grain pita crisps, kalamata olive hummus, unsalted roasted sunflower seeds and red grapes. it tasted good, didn't hurt my belly and didn't make me cry.

tomorrow i will get back to my running program. my original plan was to go do that after zumba, but the continuing gastrointestinal consequences of "THE BINGE" made me reconsider. so i'll hit that before zumba tomorrow, then i'll fully be back on track.

i want to thank the kickass rebooters for their awesome words of encouragement after last night's confession. ya'll made me feel human. i'm back, and ready to put last night behind me.

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