Wednesday, November 9, 2011

i wanna rock and roll all night

sorry i was MIA last night. i went to zumba at 6, then decided to skip yoga so i could do c25k on the treadmill instead. i had left my ipod in the car, and when i went out to get it, my friend called and invited me to the ace frehley concert in cleveland at 10. it's a 90 minute drive, so i bailed on c25k, ran home and showered, then hit the road to rock. by the time i got home, i wasn't feeling very bloggy.

not really feeling very bloggy tonight either, and there isn't much to tell. the birthday dinner didn't throw me off the path. i did week 5 day 1 of c25k tonight and it was pretty great. this is going so much better than it did the first time i used the program, a year ago. but last year i trained entirely outside, and this time i'm on a treadmill. i hope that doesn't complicate things on race day.

eating has been fine. i haven't weighed since monday for various reasons. i will tomorrow morning. hoping it's below my monday weight and not still above following the birthday meal.

and that folks is all i have to say. i wish you well, it's bedtime for little girls!

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