Thursday, November 3, 2011

happy goal eve

well folks, tomorrow is the big day. i'll wake up, get on the scale, then get ready to leave for NYC at 8am. this trip is the whole reason i decided to start a diet. and fat, sick and nearly dead is the reason why i picked this particular plan.

this morning the scale was still on the same number as monday. seeing the same number 4 days in a row is tough.

yesterday i posted the same pics you saw here on my facebook page and said, "what i wouldn't give for someone to bring an apple into this joint just once." so my friend brian brought me these two beauties.

tonight was my "last chance workout" at the Y. my friend sally is a fitness instructor, so she started my day with a text telling me she was going to be my jillian michaels tonight. she kept me working hard in zumba, then she sent me into the gym to get some more cardio. her daughter worked out next to me, and sally stood in front of me like jillian telling me to run, to sweat, to push harder, to get these two pounds off of the scale tomorrow morning. i was tired, but it was great.

i came home and started to get organized for the trip. i decided to pack some food to take on the road tomorrow so i won't be forced to eat at whatever fast food places the guys decide to stop at. in my lunchbox i have grapes, cucumber, celery, kalamata olive hummus and homemade guacamole. i'm also taking a banana, my apples, dried edamame and pita chips. that should be enough to see me through the 8 hour drive, and then some.

so i won't be writing a missive tomorrow night, i'll be rockin' out NYC style. but sunday night i'll let you know if i met my 30 pound goal, and how i did in NYC. hopefully better than last time, from a nutrition standpoint. NO cupcakes!

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