Tuesday, November 29, 2011

sometimes you wanna go....

lately i've felt like the gym is like "cheers." somehow all of the front desk people know my name now. and that's kind of cool, because it means i'm there THAT often. and when i started zumba tonight, i realized that i have "zumba friends" now. there are 2 girls in my somewhat age group and somewhat weight group, and i like seeing them, and i like working out near them.

my knee hurts. this concerns me. i don't know if it's from the 5k, from the hard/fast intervals last night, or both. but it made zumba a little touchy, and i know i need to rest it--yet i need to get some training in before the 5k on sunday. stress.

food. well i had mentioned at work how sad i was not to have any turkey for a sandwich after thanksgiving this year, and today a co-worker brought me a turkey sandwich. i thought about it ALL day. i had a small salad for lunch with some hummus, and that's all. so after zumba i came home and ate the turkey sandwich with a little mayo and lettuce on it. so good. then i was still hungry so i had some iceberg lettuce with a lite balsamic dressing and sunflower seeds on it. the funny thing is that for the rest of the evening i felt like i had really "pigged out." but when i read last night's blog again before starting this entry, i realized what pigging out really means.

tis' the season, and work will be one battle after another from now until christmas. i'll win some and lose some. today we received 15 cups of hand-dipped ice cream in various scrumptious flavors. this client does this every 4-6 weeks or so. in my past life it was nothing for me to hoard 3 cups for myself in one day.  so i guess considering my restraint in that area, i should let go of the turkey sandwich guilt and just go to bed.

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