Tuesday, November 1, 2011

beef boats

well if i have one regret from today it's that i didn't take a picture of the item that inspired the title of this post.

my day was stressful. work was hectic and several people pissed me off today (outside of work). i was so busy i didn't have much time for nourishment. i had lemon water at 10, green juice at noon and some edamame around 3:30. then i headed to band practice.

it was a long practice, and the guys decided to make a food run in the middle. and where do they go? to a place called "schnabs burgers." the biggest, most delicious looking burgers you've ever seen, fries, shakes, the works. it smelled like heaven, especially since my soybeans and juice had happened so much earlier in the day.

the guys are all low-carb dieters. and it was "triple tuesday," so for the price of a double, they all got triple cheeseburgers without buns. they came in these cardboard containers, piled with toppings like grilled mushrooms and onions, pickles, tomato, etc. then they poured on ketchup, mustard, mayo....soon there were three enormous beef boats in front of me. all at the same time i was envious, appalled, amused, weak, strong, sad, ambivalent... one guy was truly feeling bad, saying how sorry he was to eat this in front of me. the other guy gave me the raised eyebrow when i said i'm mostly sticking to vegan, raw when possible. the third, well he's cute...i said i'm eating vegan, and he said, "well do you want just like one bite of my burgers?" i explained that i had a very specific labor day - new york city goal and that i'm THISCLOSE to hitting it, so no caving tonight. but i'll tell you what. those beef boats sure did look delicious and repulsive!

the worst thing about the dinner break, however, was that it made me get home 30 minutes too late to be able to go to the Y. i felt guilty all day for choosing my hair over the gym. it didn't even end up looking that good. lesson learned. when i got home at 9:45 i was famished. i had some garlic hummus, a large pear, some pistachios and some tea. i felt like i could eat 10 pounds of food if it was in front of me, but i feel better now.

i am nervous about the weekend ahead. it includes a trip to new york, a fundraiser and then my birthday. danger, danger, danger. but that's all the more reason why i can't take any rides on beef boats before the weekend. basically 56 hours stand between me and my self-imposed 30 pound deadline. the scale didn't budge today, which means i still have 2.3 pounds to lose. it doesn't look good, folks. right now i'm remembering things like my last trip to NY, pageant weekend with the italian meal, the dressing baby, all the days i hit snooze instead of going to the gym. just a few different decisions would easily have me at 30 pounds right now.

i guess i need to stop obsessing about the 30, and start obsessing about the 40 i still need to lose.

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  1. Keeping busy is great and it sounds like you certainly are. If it were me, I would certainly Google some juice bars in New York, near where you are going. The week before I started my juice fast, when I was just practicing, I took a little trip too, on the weekend. To help curb bad eating, I went out and got a 6 pack of low sodium V8. It helped. Good luck on everything and kudos for avoiding the beef boats....love that!!