Tuesday, November 22, 2011


i have nothing to say! today was a normal day. some trail bologna and cheese showed up at work around 4:00 with some turkey cut out cookies, and i did eat 2 bites of cheese. otherwise, uneventful. after work i went to zumba and yoga. i got a YMCA gym bag for finishing the training for the 5k on thursday, which was awesome.

when i got home i was STARVING. i had some hummus on fiber crisps. when i ran out of crisps, i started spreading it on iceberg lettuce with sunflower seeds and rolling it up like a little eggroll. then i had a pear. before coming to my bedroom i did have a small slice of my grandpa's homemade bread. i'm chalking it up to carb loading for the race on thursday. heh. it's funny how i feel like i totally pigged out when i got home from the gym. but now reading what i ate...it doesn't sound so bad. considering there are cupcakes, reese's cups, cheese and trail and other delicacies in the kitchen!

good luck dieters....thursday doesn't have to be a reason to get sidetracked permanently. if you eat, enjoy it! but then we all have to get back with it! pinky swear.

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