Thursday, November 17, 2011

hummus in muh tummus

i have stayed up way too late considering the fact that i have to wake up at 6am. i am so swamped at work that i really need to be there about 3 hours early tomorrow. so this will be a quick one.

morning - got on the scale and was down a pound. score. that makes 32.3 pounds lost since september 7th.

afternoon - i had lunch with a friend at the coffee shop. i got the "hummus plate" which is hummus, pita bread, cucumbers, onions and sprouts. i ordered it minus bread, onions and i was left with a bowl of hummus and the big dumb dummy in the kitchen didn't see fit to give me extra cucumber since i went without everything else. so i put most of the hummus on my side salad that i ordered with no bread, no cheese, dressing on the side. the no bread part on both items made me sad. but it was good otherwise.

evening - this week is supposed to be a day of running 5 minutes, walking 3, running 8, walking 3, running 5....then a day of running two 10 minute intervals, then a day of running for 25 minutes. well i don't have time to eff around, so i just went for 25 minutes and i made it. on sunday i will try to run for 30. tuesday i'll go for 35. thursday is the 5k and i'll try to run the whole thing, but running on the road will be harder than the treadmill, plus wind, cold, a hill... i'm just trying to be realistic and not set a goal for myself that i can't achieve. it won't bother me to not run it all, that hasn't been my intent.

i was worthless in zumba after running. i was the floppy fish again. and now that i'm old, i can't spin in circles without feeling sick. so i do the floppy fish when everyone else is spinning around.

later evening -  i went to the grocery store where i loaded up on hummus and black bean dip that they specially ordered for me. 35 calories! i also dropped an $8 sampler of hummus and got green cilantro hummus all over my hands and various fixtures in the store. keepin' it classy!

even later evening - relaxed in a hot bath filled with pink water and bubbles that smelled like candy, and now i'm tardy for sleeping time.

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