Monday, November 21, 2011

run. believe.

a week ago i was in a bad place. it was the morning after my pizza and cupcake binge. i felt so humiliated, defeated. then a package arrived from my friend katelyn. when i got to work i carefully removed all of the beautiful wrapping, and inside i found this amazing handmade necklace with medallions that say "run. believe." katelyn is who inspired me to try C25K in the first place a year ago. she believes in me. and this birthday gift came on the PERFECT day. i was going to wear it that night when i ran, but i was in the midst of my cold, so i didn't run. i decided instead to save it for the 5k on thanksgiving day.

as you know, i've been training hard, but i've felt like i started too late to be very impressive in the 5k. then last night i failed when i tried to run. i ended up at old navy instead of accomplishing anything worthwhile at the gym. but tonight....tonight was different.

the first 10 minutes were awful. then somehow i got it in my head that i only had 10 more minutes to go to 25. then at some point i realized i actually had 15. argh. but i made it through 10. then 20. then 30. and i kept going, and i kept going. when i hit 2.75 miles i thought "just make it to 3 miles. prove you can do it." and when i got to 3, i kept going to 3.10. i ran for 39 minutes without any walking....3.1 miles. a 5k. and within 5 minutes after finishing, my heart rate was in a good place, i didn't feel pukey, nothing on my body hurt--and it still doesn't.

katelyn believed in me, and it renewed my belief in myself. and tonight i used that belief to run and run and keep on running. a week ago sally told me she thought i could run the whole 5k and i said NO WAY. i told her i could only barely run 2 miles, there was no way i could add a mile in a week. i'm sorry, sally!

i still doubt i can run the entire 5k on thursday. only because i have been training indoors on a treadmill with no incline, and there's a decent hill on the 5k route, and i also won't be able to really monitor my speed. but i know i can run for a lot longer than i could last year at this time.

so now i'm pumped. bring it on, turkey trot! i'll be wearing my necklace, i'll be running, and i'll be believing.


  1. You can do it! If you have ever been in a race like the Turkey Trot before, remember that having all the people with you will help keep you going. Your adrenaline will be higher too. I am doing my first race in many years, this Thursday too. I do not think I am in good shape for it, but I do think I can run the whole way without walking. That is my goal. Best of luck to you. I'll be thinking about you.

  2. thanks! i'll be cheering for you, too! congrats on getting back in the game! and happy thanksgiving, vic!