Friday, November 11, 2011

tropical storm amy

well if a cold is a hurricane, what i have is a tropical storm. inconvenient, uncomfortable, but not full blown evacuation type stuff. i started an IV of zinc, water and vitamin c to help combat it. ok, not really an IV, just a lot of the aforementioned items. i feel worse in the evenings (now) and mornings (zumba starts in 7 hours 54 minutes), so i'm not sure what the weekend will hold.

today was super busy at work and i didn't get to eat lunch until 4:00. i went to the hospital cafeteria across the street from my office and got some vegetable soup and a small salad. i met a friend for dinner at a coffee shop and had a "hummus pizza." it's hummus on a pita with sprouts, onions, tomatoes, black olives and feta. i also had a side salad, but couldn't finish it all. it's funny how little it takes to make me feel stuffed anymore. but i felt guilty eating the pita and croutons...i try not to eat anything but sprouted grain bread, or whole grains at least. although we did discuss how the last time we met for dinner several months ago, it was at red lobster and included cheddar biscuits, all sorts of bad for you dinner choices, and dessert.

hopefully the bread won't be a scale setback, because i fell into a new decade this morning by losing a pound. i need to be able to exercise this weekend to keep that momentum going. tomorrow is supposed to be my first 20 minute run, so i'm off to bed now, which will hopefully downgrade tropical storm amy to cloudy with a chance of showers.

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