Monday, October 3, 2011

37 days left

today was a good day. drank my juice, did my job, felt pretty great. after work i had $10 in kohl's cash to spend, so i went shopping. i bet i tried on 20 different things. for the first time in awhile, i didn't want to lay down and die in the fitting room. not everything fit, but none of it was too far off. i could see my very near future in these clothes, and it really got me excited. i desperately want to walk into ANY store and know that their clothes will fit.

i know that if i get to a certain size, i'm going to buy WAY too many clothes. i'm still in that mindset of "if it fits, buy it." my style will go from hoodies to couture overnight! it's not been a case of me having no sense of style, it's been the problem of finding stylish clothes in biggie girl sizes. the clothing world assumes we just want elastic waistbands and jersey cotton. booooo. i am pretty, pretty, pretty excited to buy something from express, because i've never in my life had the opportunity. for all i know, that store doesn't even exist anymore.

for now, these are still future dreams. but based on how i look, feel and what i've seen on the scale, if i can keep juicing a majority of the time, i'll be there shortly into the new year.

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