Wednesday, October 26, 2011

life before 6am

today i did something i've never done in my life: i went to the gym before 6am.

i had to wake up early to help a friend get to work, so i figured i might as well make up for not being able to go to the gym last night. in my mind, i'd waltz right into the gym at 5:45 and have the run of the house. all of the finest freshly washed towels, pick of the best treadmills, peace and quiet.

holy hell, was i sadly mistaken.

that place is more of a madhouse at 5:45am than at 5:45pm. not only did i not have my pick of the BEST treadmills, i was relegated to the very WORST treadmill. the one that shocks you if your hands are sweaty when you check your heart rate. the one with not enough display options, so it switches back and forth, always lingering on the one you don't want to see at that moment. the one in the back row, too far to read the closed caption on the tv's. think steerage on the titanic, folks. but i powered through in my meager conditions and felt good about doing it before the break of dawn.

my plan was for that to be "last night's" workout, then to do another one after work today. heh. turns out four hours of sleep is not a motivator for a repeat appearance at the gym. i came home and blessed my family with my grumpiness instead! lucky them!

today i had a power struggle in my brain. it was the final day for our local farmer's market. they make these really amazing wood fired pizzas out of fresh, local ingredients. as far as pizza goes, these are as healthy as they come. but it is still flour, it's still some cheese, it's still a good 800 calories for the pie. BUT it was my final chance to have one until MAY! i fought with myself all day about it. in the end i decided i just could not bear to see the scale possibly go up instead of down tomorrow after the stellar week i've had. also my birthday is next week and i had previously requested my favorite meal: homemade meatloaf, mac and cheese, and pumpkin roll for dessert. but today i emailed my mom and called that off too. i just can't thwart momentum like this. i'm going to enjoy a special food treat on friday this week, so i have to sacrifice in some other areas.

so speaking of the scales.... i forgot to weigh last wednesday, so this is a 6 day total: 5.4 pounds! WOOT! that's an entire fat log in one week!  if i can lose 3.7 before next friday, i'll have met my 30 pound goal between labor day and the new york trip with the band. 9 days...that's less than half a pound a day. body don't fail me now!

now if just ONE person who doesn't have any idea i've been dieting would notice my weight loss, i'd feel like i'm really accomplishing something. i know i'm a fatass, but damn. 26.3 pounds and not one random comment? hmph.


  1. I signed up to follow you. You are doing a great job! I think having a blog helps immensely. I have one too and knowing that even one person is looking at it, keeps me motivated. It's, if you want to take a peek. I also am in your FB group, but haven't posted anything yet. Keep juicin' on!!!!

  2. i just read a couple of your posts and will read them all tonight. i'm a follower! awesome blog. it helps SO much! glad you joined the fb group too, it has been a lifesaver!

  3. I also signed up to follow you and Skinny Vic but she knows that already lol. I too have a blog and I also signed up to follow your fb page. I read your whole blog yesterday and loved it! I felt like such a failure when I only juiced 5 days then started eating food. But the food I eat is just veges and fruit and I am still loosing weight. I also don't like the taste of the juices so far and totally agreed with the cut grass smells and beets smell like dirt! lol. I am still incorporating juices with meals and I feel way better doing that. I am still loosing weight. Here is my blog if you are interested. I don't say too much but I get to the point. :) Your blog has been very inspirational to me and keeps me going.