Thursday, October 6, 2011

melt happens.

sorry folks, i had to show you what i'm up against tomorrow. remember my blog when i said "sometimes melt happens?" well melt is happening tomorrow night. my friend's boyfriend owns this incredible establishment (oft featured on the food channel), and tomorrow night is the grand opening of their third location. it was an invitation i couldn't refuse. i love sunny and matt, i love melt, and i happened to need an impressive destination tomorrow evening anyway. so...melt it is. now, i won't be eating the westside monte cristo pictured above, with its honey ham, smoked turkey, swiss and american cheese...battered and fried, sprinkled with powdered sugar and served with mixed berry preserves. (OMG!!!) i may opt for a salad....but more than likely i'll have a "kindergarten" sandwich. you pick your own cheese and toppings, and i can keep it vegetarian. they also have vegan options, so maybe i'll experiment. i'll let you know. i'm not even gonna lie though...they have pumpkin sprice bread pudding this month and i'm pretty sure it's gonna be in my belly by this time tomorrow.

so enough about tomorrow, how was my day today? fantastic. the scale didn't move, which was good considering the pizza and grilled squash from the farmer's market. perfect. i busted my ass at zumba tonight. i'm not sure what has gotten into me, but i've found a level of energy this week i haven't had in a long time. right now every piece of clothing i own is clean AND put away. my clothes for tomorrow are laid out, and i even have my gym bag packed already... for saturday.  i've been waking up every morning before my alarm goes off. not that i'm extra motivated to get OUT of bed when i'm all warm and comfy and not at work. but this morning i thought to myself, "i can't wait to see what i'm going to wear today!" it's like having a whole new wardrobe now that some things fit comfortably again.

i measured myself this morning. later i was measured again at the Y, but i don't remember those numbers. based on my own measurements, i have lost 8 inches (over 7 measurements) since september 22nd. a total of 20.5 inches since starting on september 7th. i have just now arrived back to the point i was at in may 2010. since then i have lost and gained the same 15-20 pounds over and over again. this time i have to keep going, or i might as well give up forever. ha, kind of funny to say that just below the confession that i'm going to eat a meal tomorrow. but trust me, i'll make up for it with exercise. i have 3 more zumba sessions and 2 yogas classes between the meal and the next weigh-in.

oh! exciting news. i wrote an article about my juicing experience for an online magazine called "delicious voices." they posted on the reboot facebook page that they were looking for someone, and i talked to the editor and now it's a done deal.

i guess that's all i really have to say tonight. i am really excited for the upcoming weekend, there are a lot of fun activities planned. if i don't write until sunday night, forgive me.

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