Wednesday, October 5, 2011

four fat logs

hello, loyal readers! if you'll take a look at yesterday's entry, you'll see a photo of a 5 pound "fat log." i have now lost about 4 of those on the reboot juice fast. this morning's weigh-in was jaw-dropping. 6.6 pounds! in one week! and i ate food at the tailgate party on saturday! i don't understand how it happened, but i'm happy for it. that means i lost the 4 i wanted to lose each week, plus the 1.8 i gained in NYC, plus almost another whole pound. this makes me feel MUCH better about the NY trip. it really only cost me 3 pounds instead of 6.

i want to sincerely thank everyone who encouraged me when i got back from that trip, and i was ready to give up. in those first days of last week, i kept going for those people more than for myself. my heart wasn't in it, but i didn't want to let anyone down. now i feel unstoppable. remind me to read this entry the next time i'm upset and ready to quit!

tonight on my way to a meeting i saw a paraglider soaring over a field near the highway. it reminded me of a goal i have had since college: i want to go skydiving. but there is a weight restriction on that activity, and i have never in my adult life qualified. i'm not that far away now. if i make it in time this fall, i will go. if not, i will be there the first possible day this spring. what a great way to say goodbye to the old me, when that day comes.

i did eat a little bit of food today. my morning was super hectic and by 11 i still hadn't had my "day starting" lemon juice in warm water, let alone a real juice. by 5pm i'd barely managed to consume any calories. i went to the farmer's market to get some produce for the weekend and ordered some food from the grill. they use all organic, fresh ingredients from local market vendors. YUM. i had some grilled squash with fresh salsa to dip it in, and some wood fired margarita pizza with beautiful mozzarella, olive oil and basil. i felt a little bit guilty about the pizza, but it wasn't your run of the mill domino's type. this pizza was made in front of my eyes with locally produced foods from the people at the market. it was a wonderful treat, and even if i gained a whole pound, i'm good with that.

tomorrow is zumba, and i'm excited! and friday contains something that's both great and terrible, but i will tell you about that tomorrow. i alluded to it in a past post with an ooey gooey photo...

also, i want to thank samantha for telling me today that this blog inspired her yesterday. knowing that helps ME stay on track. thank you, and to those of you reading all over the world, thank you for sharing in my journey. i'll leave you with the geographical breakdown of this week's readers. it made my heart feel warm.

United States
United Kingdom
one final thing: heartfelt sympathy for the family of steve jobs tonight. this technological genius changed the world i grew up in, for the better.  

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