Tuesday, October 25, 2011

i'd like to thank the academy....

i have felt so good all week. it started with that shopping trip and has continued each day as the scale has been moving at a rapid pace. i am proud of myself, but there is no way i could do this without a cast of thousands. i realize that by trying to remember everyone to thank, i risk leaving someone out. but i'm going to try not to do that.

katelyn stroh - when you started couch to 5k last year it inspired me to try it too, and i was able to achieve my dream of running a 5k. while i have spent the year gaining and losing weight, doing that 5k made me believe i was capable of anything, and now i'm training all over again. you inspire me.

debbie hanchette - you have talked to me several times over the years about raw foods and juice. the evening we had dinner on your deck with melons, smoothies and guacamole, i realized that i could be stuffed full and never involve an unhealthy food. then as i started this, you were my biggest cheerleader. you gave me advice, and sent money with me to NYC to enjoy a vegan meal. you emailed me encouragement at my lowest and praise at my highest. i want you to be proud of me. you're one of the best people i've ever known.

veronica crawford and jodi mathews - i saw you writing to each other on facebook about fat, sick and nearly dead and decided to check it out.

mom - you have been great at supporting me without making me mad. ;-) when i was ready to quit after NYC your email kept me going. you were even pretty nice about the times when everything in the house was sticky with juice. your emails make me happy, and i totally need you on my side.

sally warner - another one of my biggest cheerleaders. sally has been helping me with my health and fitness since we first met in the spring. she teaches my zumba and yoga classes, and she's a great friend. sally, thank you for all of the encouragement and praise. thank you for dean! thank you for encouraging me to push past what i believe my limits to be. not wanting to let you down has been a motivator in times when i was ok with letting myself down. i can't say enough good about you OR the YMCA. that place is so much more than a gym. it's a family there.

michael alisiano - i work with michael, and in april he started an optifast liquid diet and has lost over 80 pounds. seeing the incredible shrinking man every day was amazing. then when i saw fat, sick and nearly dead and asked myself if i could be ok on just juice, i thought of michael. he seemed happy and well adjusted on his liquid diet, and his life was changing before my eyes. michael (mikey), if you hadn't done what you did, i wouldn't be doing what i'm doing. see you at zumba.

ONE - the band i work for got booked in NYC november 4th, and we made a pact to lose weight between labor day and november 4th. another source of inspiration.

the rebooters on facebook - wow. you guys have become such good friends. i spend WAY too much time each day reading and posting, and you all have helped me so much. the stories are inspiring. even when one of you stumbles it reminds me that we're human and that it's ok to stumble as long as you get back up. without you i'd be less inclined to keep doing this. you've made me feel like a leader, and i want to help keep us ALL motivated.

my blog readers - i can see the daily stats. 100 people a day, 200 people a day. netherlands, australia, united kingdom, russia, america. i have come to feel a sense of obligation to you. if i quit it might mean hundreds of others around the world will have less hope. and then the people YOU'RE inspiring will have less hope, and so on. knowing i'll have to confess my sins to all of you makes me less inclined to commit them.

if you're reading this then you're helping me, and i'm thankful for you. tomorrow morning is official weigh-in day. here's hoping for a number that keeps me a safe distance from mcrib for another day!

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