Wednesday, October 12, 2011

what do you want to talk about tonight?

for once, i'm kind of at a loss for words. today was uneventful. i struggled once again. my juice is just not going down easily. i need new juice, and it's my fault for not making it happen. i'm being a lazy juicer/produce buyer. i laid around all evening and ended up eating an apple whole. i also stopped at the farmer's market after work and had a nibble on their super special harvest meal, prepared by local chefs. they had butternut curry soup! holy cow. i'd had plans to make butternut soup tonight anyway. i should have taken its picture for the blog, but i was in too big of a hurry to hog it down after only having one small cup of juice all day. i need to get my act together, people.

this morning was my weigh-in. i only lost 2 pounds this week. but if you've been following along at home, you know all of the crap i ate. melt on friday, pizza and beer on saturday. i had the farmer's market pizza last wednesday. a pistachio binge on monday. so i'm pretty happy with 2 pounds. i'm SO close to my first big goal. hopefully tomorrow or the next day. the last time i weighed what i weigh now was july, 2010.

oh, i can talk about the upcoming weekend. i am a board member for a scholarship pageant, which is saturday. friday night is set-up and then the board goes to my favorite local italian restaurant. i am skipping that and going to my friend's house instead. saturday though....they bring in awesome doughnuts and pastries for breakfast. plus on my way there i'm picking up a dozen cupcakes from THE cupcake place i mentioned on my mom's birthday. for lunch, wendy's sends a bunch of free food over. then it's my actual job to take all of the judges back to the favorite italian place for another free meal. then after the pageant, everyone goes to applebees. plus backstage is filled with cookies and candy all weekend. on sunday i am going to hang out with a friend, and i'm pretty sure food is supposed to be involved. i can dodge a lot of this. the thing is, i won't WANT to. does anyone else have a weird hangup when the food is free? i was never super privileged, but i never starved as a child either. however, for some reason i have the hardest time passing up a free meal. would it cross my mind ever to go through wendy's drive thru right now? not a chance. but when they bring in the free burgers and fries, i will really feel like i'm missing out. what is the deal? it's like a $4.00 meal. i have 10x that much money just in CHANGE in my car. it's not like i need to hoard free food.

i did arrange to go late to the event on saturday morning so i can go to zumba first. and on sunday i told my friend i have to be home by 4 for zumba. so i'm committed to the exercise, but having to say "no" to SIX different "special occasions" in ONE weekend is going to be tough. i could use all the support i can get.

just gotta keep thinking about how things will be if i can drop another 20 pounds. we're talking whole new wardrobe. squeal!

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