Sunday, October 2, 2011

38 days left

wow, it's really incredible for me to see a number in the 30's for days left! and a couple of rebooters have told me i should view my NYC eating as a slip up and not to add those extra days onto the end. using that math, i'm at 34 days left. i'm sure i will have other treats here and there, so i'm not sure WHEN i will stop juicing. i may decide to go through november juicing during the weeks and eating on the weekends. i'm not thinking that far ahead yet.

anyway....i didn't write last night because i was exhausted after a long day in columbus for the ohio state game. i had a blast. and i DID eat some food at the tailgate party. but today i have spent the day resting and cleansing, re-setting my body for the upcoming week of juice. i am ok with this. i had fun, i enjoyed the day without feeling sad, deprived, hungry, etc. but unlike NY, i didn't use it as some excuse to go "hog wild" while i was off the wagon. when i got home last night i didn't eat anything in the kitchen like oreos, cupcakes, cheese, etc. my mind is in a great place still.

that picture up there makes me happy. i don't look as enormous in it as i have in some other pictures taken just a month ago. i even allowed this to be tagged on facebook, and normally i keep facebook to face ONLY.

if you are a rebooter, there is a facebook group that you should join. the reboot forums are such a mess with the broken links to older posts and whatnot. this is a true community where you can see all of the posts and interact with other rebooters. it's a very inspirational group of people!

time for sleeping. i hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! 

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