Tuesday, October 11, 2011

me + c25k = together again

from a juice/exercise standpoint, today was good. this morning i thought back on all of the crap i managed to sneak into my mouth this past week, and realized today was my final chance to make the scale move AT ALL when i weigh-in tomorrow. not so much as one soybean went into my mouth today. it was all juice and water.

i have two secret weapons that i will reveal to you now. you've earned it by sticking with my blog this long. 1) the first thing i drink every morning is a cup of warm water with a generous squeeze of lemon juice in it. i get about 3 days out of one lemon if that helps you with the size of the squirt. lemons can do all sorts of amazing things in our bodies, but this day-starting beverage will get your digestive system going, which will kick your metabolism into gear. it's also a great warm beverage if you are trying to kick a coffee habit. i have come to look forward to it very much. 2) my second secret weapon stems from the last thing i tried to lose weight: zija. odds are good you've heard of it, and i won't get into what it is, does, costs, etc. but one component of the zija system is a detoxifying tea that you drink before bed, then in the morning you go to the potty. i used to sell zija and still have my distributorship, so i decided to try adding this tea to my juice diet. it works SO well. 3-4 nights a week i have a cup and always see a great loss the next morning. i can order it for anyone who is interested, but i would guess that your local health food store would have a comparable product.

so today i started my day with the warm lemon water, then i had some green juice through the day, along with about 2 liters of water. i hated my green juice today, i really did. one of the hardest parts of this diet is finding a juice you like, then not getting burned out on it. 3 weeks ago i loved this juice, now i can barely stand the sight, taste or smell of it. time to switch things up a bit. tonight i made a recipe i saw on the reboot facebook page. someone posted that they juiced butternut squash, sweet potato, green onions, and red bell peppers; added garlic, tumeric, and paprika; gently warmed and served as soup. she said it was good enough to serve to non-juicers. hmmm. it was decent enough that i was able to eat a big bowl of it tonight. but i don't think anyone would be interested that didn't HAVE to eat it. i would like to get her exact recipe, because i was just guessing on amounts. i felt like it was overly starchy and more sweet than savory, which i didn't expect.

i also worked out tonight, biggest loser last-chance-workout style. for many years, my goal was to run a 5k. last august i started the couch-to-5k program that starts you out running for 60 seconds at a time and progresses you to 30 minutes of running in 9 weeks. i ran my first 5k on thanksgiving day 2010. i did 3 more after that, then quit running over the summer. i wasn't sure i would get back together with running this fall. but tonight i went to the Y an hour before zumba and started back at the beginning of C25K, and it went beautifully. i was sweating like a beast, but i felt great. i think i can be ready in time for the turkey trot. even if i am not at the point of running 3 miles, i'll be able to do a run/walk combo. after that i went through my weight and kettlebell exercises. then i went to zumba where i crashed. i wanted to work HARD and i just could not make my body do it. i have never been that incapable before. sometimes i am lazy and don't work hard, but tonight i was giving it everything i had, and my body was barely responding. i was starting to wonder if i should go buy a gatorade or something, because i felt awful. but after zumba i went to yoga, which is a great way to relax, and after that i was fine. 

so i'm hoping that my day of juice, water and exercise will push the scale just a little tomorrow, after a tragic week of shoving crap into my mouth. i had the chance to reach a big milestone this week, and i blew it. but if i can get close tomorrow, then it should only take another day or two to get there.

of COURSE another hard weekend is coming up with special occasions. i have come to realize that my whole life seems to be a special occasion. but more on that later.

if you are interested in the couch-to-5k program, start here: couch to 5k website

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