Thursday, October 13, 2011

sleepy panda

the reason i called this blog "pandamonium" is because my best friend and i call each other "panda," and i am obsessed with these most adorable creatures on earth. i'd give anything to hold a baby panda or hug a grown up panda! so anyway...i am a sleepy panda tonight, thus, this will be brief.

i am going to weigh myself in the morning because i am THISCLOSE to my first major milestone. 3/10ths of a pound will put me there. i worked out hard tonight. i did w1d2 (week 1 day 2) of c25k (couch to 5k, and this is the last time i will explain those abbreviations), then i went to zumba, then i did weights, kettlebells, and crunches on the balance ball. by the time i got home after 8 i was in no mood for juicing. so i threw some baby spinach on a plate, drizzled some extra virgin olive oil on top, then gave it a bath in red wine vinegar. i topped it off with unsalted roasted sunflower seeds and proceeded to scarf like a little piggy.

tomorrow begins the weekend of challenges. if the scale is good to me in the morning it will really help me get through it! i hope my fellow juicers had a good day. keep doing it...and if you feel like you have to eat, that doesn't mean you have to eat a pizza. i will grab a meal like tonight's, an apple, some carrots. you'll be amazed at what a treat those things are when you're 30+ days into this thing. if you have a serious craving, tell yourself you can have it tomorrow if you still want it. and then tomorrow, tell yourself the same thing. before you know it, you'll be to the end of your fast.

ok, it is bedtime for little pandas. sweet dreams.

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