Wednesday, October 19, 2011

it looked like a good, big, healthy snack

just 10 minutes ago i was in the midst of a terrible trauma, people! let's back up about 30 minutes. i was really hungry, and i hadn't eaten/drank much today considering the way i worked out. a zumba friend had given me some lovely peppers, and i had some nice organic roasted red pepper hummus. i sliced up one of the "hot" peppers too and took a bite. wasn't bad at all.

but as i ate, my lips started to burn. not so much i couldn't stand it, but enough to feel "plump." i switched to the carrots and grapes and left the rest of the peppers behind.

then i reached for a makeup cleansing cloth from my gym bag, and that's when the trouble began. either the pepper oil was on my hands and went through the cloth, or i smeared it from my lips up onto the rest of my face. suddenly my eyes were on FIRE, along with the rest of my face. i blindly made my way to the bathroom where i decided i needed to pull out my contacts. mistake # 3. the pain was so intense it honestly crossed my mind that i might end up blind. i grabbed a cool washcloth and that didn't help much. with eyes closed i found a handful of cotton balls and made my way into the kitchen where without opening my eyes i managed to pour some milk into a cup. then i soaked the cotton balls in it and applied to my face and eyes. this cooled me enough to be able to open my eyes and then clean off my milky face. when i got back to the bathroom i found out that i had succeeded in removing my contacts which were stuck to the floor, and that i appeared to have just had a chemical peel. as i write this i have a cooling masque on my face.

i'm sure you'll understand that after suffering that much, i totally deserved one bite of delicious peanut butter ice cream. you know, just to cool off my mouth. heh.

to make things worse, this was the second bodily harm i suffered today! as mentioned, i had an appointment with a personal trainer tonight. i now officially know that i would not survive a day on the biggest loser ranch. he definitely pushed me, but he didn't scream obscenities at me a'la jillian michaels. parts of my body hurt that i didn't even know existed. my entire shirt was soaked except for the lovely outline of my sports bra. hot. while i don't think i could ever work that hard again, i also want to hire this guy to put me through the wringer every week. it's that love/hate pleasure/pain thing you get from a great workout.

when i got home from that, i actually weighed a pound less than i did this morning. which puts me back in milestone territory. as i mentioned last night, friday had been a big day. i finally hit my first goal, then soared back past it over the weekend. i've now lost 5.1 of the 5.5 pounds i gained over the weekend. whew. off to the races.

the title of tonight's blog was said in the voice of the rock biter from one of my favorite movies of all time, the never ending story. such a sad scene. 

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