Monday, September 19, 2011

47 days left

for once i don't have much to share, because today was a perfectly normal day. i worked, i drank my juice, i spent time with friends, i watched tv, i read a book. it was a normal life, but with juice instead of food. this is the day i've been waiting for: a day when i didn't think about juicing as if it was a weight hanging around my neck.

i will admit that i had some serious hunger as i watched "the great food truck race" on the food network. and when i watched my dad and brother eat taco bell after work. but no matter what diet i was on, i shouldn't be eating taco bell anyway.

i actually felt smaller today. then my friend's daughter took my picture and showed me, and i realized i'm still enormous on the outside. but on the inside, i feel different. where normally i would "treat" myself to a caramel frosty shake and some fries, today i treated myself to a shot of wheatgrass juice. the times, they are a'changin'.

on a completely unrelated note, i found a new product i love. it's these little balls you shake into the washing machine, and they make your clothes smell SO good. find them in your laundry aisle! at $7.00 a jar they are a little splurgey, but you're worth it. i couldn't stop sniffing myself all the livelong day.

i can't believe i haven't eaten (unless you're still holding that lima bean incident against me) for 13 days. what's more, i haven't physically harmed anyone in the process. i feel as though a trophy is in order.

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