Wednesday, September 14, 2011

52 days left

well today was the BIG day! i woke up early and could have hit snooze two more times, but i was so anxious to find out what the scale would say. i'll spare you the big verbal drumroll.... i lost 9 pounds this week. not one ounce more or less, 9 pounds exactly. i was thrilled! i have never had a big first week loss like that on any diet...and i've been on a lot of them! it was worth every sacrifice, every icky mean green.

today was a fine day. i watched a friend eat subway, and i was fine. watched another friend eat chili and i was fine. when i got home i sat at the table with my family while they ate, and i drank coconut water. my juices today were still the pre-made juices i was using yesterday. i went back to the health food store after work and saw what i had missed yesterday--a bottle of juice by lakewood called "lean green." it looks and smells as bad as what i've been making at home, but tastes so much better. i'll stop in there tomorrow and ask connie to order me 10 bottles. that way i can go back and forth between making my own and using the bottled kind. it will save me work and it will give my taste buds a much needed break.

in celebration i had a small cheat tonight. i was at a friend's house and they had just picked a big bowl full of lima beans from their garden. when they were ready to eat dinner she gave me a bowl full of these boiled beauties. they were delicious! i didn't feel a bit guilty as i popped each bean into my mouth one at a time, fresh from the garden. a-maz-ing. i enjoyed it so much more than the last blizzard i had, when i was all bloated and unappreciative of food.

speaking of that blizzard...

i have tried to keep this juicing thing on a need-to-know basis as far as friends, family and co-workers go. but as the week went on, i had to tell a variety of people for one reason or another. today one of my co-workers found out, and his reaction was similar to many of the others. in a nutshell, it was, "that doesn't sound healthy. you can't do that forever. you won't get enough protein." and so on.

it occurred to me that never once have any of these people expressed concern about what i was eating. and if you could see me, you would know they should have. take labor day for example. i drove home from columbus, and on the way stopped for a fresh banana malt. when i got into town i met some friends at a mexican restaurant where i ate a basket of chips and salsa, a fried chimichanga, a taco, beans, 3 margaritas and a shot of tequila. i went home and napped and a few hours later met the same friends at a japanese restaurant where i had 2 maki rolls (large ones) and edamame. i left there and went to dairy queen with a friend and had an oreo blizzard. not once that day did anyone say, "this doesn't seem healthy. you can't eat this way forever. you're not getting all of the nutrients you need." but eating that way was sending me to an early grave. now i'm consuming pounds worth of produce each day in the form of juice, and THIS is what is concerning my friends and family?

i realize this doesn't mean there wasn't concern about the way i was eating before. and certainly most people wouldn't feel comfortable telling a girl that she's eating like a pig. but i am surprised at the initial lack of support most people offer. if you are here reading this, you are probably not one of those people. i don't give the link to the disbelievers. begins a new week, a new resolve. i don't WANT to do another week of this, but how could i not? i learned so much this week about food, my body, the companies who control what we eat....and about my own willpower. it wasn't that hard. let's see how week 2 goes. i'm ready....are you?

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