Sunday, September 18, 2011

48 days left

well there are just a few of the cupcakes and a mexican dinner i didn't eat on saturday. there were four flavors of cupcakes, and at the end of the night i realized that pre-juice, i would have eaten at LEAST one of each flavor...on top of chips, salsa, queso, a meal, and margaritas. so i entered what i would have eaten into my calorie counter and the total was 3,729 calories, 5,901 grams of sodium and 136 grams of fat. and that's just for that one meal. i can't believe how easy it is to rack up more than a day's worth of calories at one celebration. i'll tell stomach was growling and i was hungry as i watched 20 others eat meals and cake....but i didn't feel sorry for myself, or angry or hurt. i felt happy. happy for them that they were all enjoying themselves, and happy for me that i had the willpower to say no while still having a good time.

i apologize to my fellow juicers who are probably cursing me for posting those pictures on here!

today was a great day. i went to church, took a sunday drive with my family, watched the browns win, then went to zumba. between activities i guzzled green juice, grape juice and carrot juice. it's interesting to note how in tune with my body i've become. i had a headache while we were driving around the lake, and my mom asked if i wanted advil. i'm trying not to put anything but water and plant-based nutrition into my body, so i declined. when we got home i drank about 8oz of green juice and the headache disappeared within 5-7 minutes. my body just needed nutrients and hydration.

i feel like i've been jumping hurdles, each one getting a little bit bigger leading up to the biggest of all. it stared with that golf outing on week 1. then my mom's party in week 2. now i'm going to find myself in new york city in 5 days. one of the reasons i most enjoy going there is the food. falafel, food trucks, gelato, stuffed cupcakes, chocolate covered bacon, thai delivery, cuban tapas, festivals, pizza...need i go on? i won't, as i can hear my juicers swearing at me again. my friend whom i'm visiting suggested we go to a raw food restaurant. i'd be eating, but it would still be raw vegan. a treat without a cheat. i'm going to just see what happens when i get there.

oh, another note about sister-in-law found out what i'm doing and we can add her to the "that sounds so unhealthy" response category. maybe i should send her the calorie/sodium/fat count for what i would have eaten if i hadn't been feasting on wheatgrass, barley grass, cucumbers, kale, apples, peaches, grapes, celery, chlorella and spirulina. then let's discuss what sounds unhealthy.

i'm going into monday with no fear. i am going to dominate this week.

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