Thursday, September 22, 2011

44 days left

start spreadin' the news...i'm leavin' tomorrow. and it can't get here soon enough. i am so ready for a break from everything! it has been a roller coaster week.

i guess the good thing about my stupid week is that the hard parts distracted me from the fact that i haven't eaten in 16 days! now i'm heading to NYC, where i will have a vegan meal at some point. i'm so looking forward to it! i've been reading reviews for the past hour, trying to make sure i go to the best place. it's my one "cheat" during this, so it has to be good!

it was a good day from a juice standpoint. i did zumba tonight. i was a little tired and didn't push myself too hard, which i don't think is a bad thing. my phenomenal instructor/friend sally has been ultra supportive of me through this, and i'm sure she understands that my body is in a transitional phase, and i need to keep myself working out at only a moderate level during the fast.

tonight i had my blood sugar tested. a good pre-meal blood sugar is 80-120. mine was 90. i wish i knew what it was 3 weeks ago! the fit i threw before getting "stuck" made me realize more than ever why i need to get healthy. if i had to do that several times a day along with insulin shots, i would FLIP. OUT. my nurse brother had to hold my hand and stick my finger while i held onto my mom with my other hand and screamed. then i proclaimed that i was hemorrhaging and needed a tourniquet.  

i have had some wonderful interactions in the past few days with some people on the reboot website. that's the community for people who started with the documentary "fat, sick and nearly dead." i'm getting over 100 blog hits per day now, mostly from rebooters. it's kind of amazing to see that there are people as far away as australia following my journey. these people have become important to me even though we are strangers, because i know i am setting the example for everyone who has fewer days behind them than i do. i feel like i owe them all my best effort, because if i give up, they may feel like they can't succeed either. i want to inspire, not discourage.

all i can tell my fellow juicers is that it does get better. it never gets easy, but it gets manageable. if you can get through 5 days, then it starts to get a little better each day after that. the time will pass by whether you are juicing or not. so why not use these next 60 days to reboot your body and become a better version of yourself?

i'm not taking my laptop to new york, so i will catch up with you on monday evening. enjoy your weekend!

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